teak outdoor furniture – There are so many wet areas in our homes. This includes the bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, and backyard where there is a swimming pool. Even offices or production rooms inside the factory have wet areas. Sometimes we have to maintain the aesthetic value of the room by placing particular furniture such as chairs, tables, and cabinets. 

People often use the wooden bench in the bathroom to sit while shaving their legs or face. Some property owners try to make the bathroom as comfortable as possible by providing a waterproof partition to separate wet and dry areas. However, in hectic daily life, dry areas where there are chairs and dressing tables will get enough water splashes to wet them. 

If you don’t use strong and durable materials such as teak wood, furniture will rot more. 

Create a Natural Concept Home with Wooden Furniture That You Can Rely OnWhy Does It Have to Be Teak Wood?

This slightly yellowish brown teak wood is native Indonesian wood. It’s a premium wood which is more durable than other woods. Teak wood has abundant natural oils that sometimes make it difficult for craftsmen to apply solid-colored finishing. The excess natural oils can leave yellowish spots on the furniture they are working on. 

Meanwhile, on dark solid finishes, stains from natural oils are not too visible. 

The professional craftsmen who have often fulfilled orders from various types of clients from many countries know how to get around this. They will usually use a natural color finish so that the beautiful natural grain lines of teak wood can stand out. 

The look of these grain lines makes customers satisfied even though they have to place the furniture in a wet area. Teak wood furniture, which is a type of hardwood, will not be easily damaged. No matter how hard the impact it receives just like a lounge chair in the backyard where kids swim and play water near the swimming pool. 

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Teak Wood Towel Rack

Another piece of teak wood furniture that you can place even in wet places besides chairs and cabinets is a towel rack. If the place for dry towels is in the cabinet, then the place for wet towels is above the towel rack. You can place this open shelf without a cover in the bathroom, laundry room, or in the backyard next to the swimming pool. 

The towel you use could be too wet. You also need time to dry it for your next use. You don’t need to worry that the wet towel will damage the wooden coating on the rack. As long as the material is teak wood then everything is under control. 

Today’s towel rack designs are also quite modern and classy. Some are like magazine or newspaper racks in libraries. Some things resemble bamboo clotheslines in the countryside and thin teak wood trunks that step upwards with thick wooden supports. 

Then contemporary colors such as black, dark brown, or cream will make the look of the towel rack more elegant.

If you now need professional help to make custom furniture from teak wood, you can contact us right away. We have a lot of designs you will like when we meet on brainstorming day.