Jepara furniture – Mediterranean houses are easy to find in America and several countries in Asia. Mediterranean house architectural styles follow many Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese styles. There is a slightly circular red or terracotta tiled roof and the outer walls are in plastered style. Even though the design is modern, this house still maintains its strong characteristics with various interesting arches in almost all the house parts.

Sometimes there are natural rock carvings on the exterior. Meanwhile, natural colors such as cream, dark brown, gray, or ivory white dominate the exterior. Then gold and silver colors dominate the interior style. From the outside, people already know that this is a classic modern Mediterranean-style house that invites us to be nostalgic for the past when our grandparents were young. 

It is not difficult to make the interior of a modern classic Mediterranean house look new and classy. Wooden furniture will refresh everything and strengthen the concept of this house. 

How Long Should the Ideal Lifespan of Teak FurnitureWooden Furniture in Mediterranean Design

High-quality wood with charming carvings will always be visible from the furniture in Mediterranean homes. The interior of this house will always have carved wooden tables, long or low lounge chairs with soft thick comfortable cushions, and wooden cupboards with beautiful designs. All the furniture will balance the three elements that dominate this house.

Wood, stone, and marble with an open room concept are suitable for wooden furniture. You can add carved details to all wooden furniture including mirrors, dressing tables, and painting frames. Using teak wood from Indonesia will be profitable for you. 

This wood is sturdy, durable for decades, termite proof and you can create it according to the design you want to make. Then the world-famous Jepara carvings can be a beautiful choice to decorate wooden furniture in this house. 

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A Gig in the Living Room

A long wooden lounge chair with curved arms in silk fabric cover on both sides will be the center of attention in your living room. On the teak wood on the backrest, a Jepara is carved with a custom design as you wish. Meanwhile, you can add a three-seater sofa on the right and left side considering that the living room in a Mediterranean house is usually so spacious. You have to fill the interior at least a third so it doesn’t look too empty. 

Then on the right and left sides of the fireplace, there are low sideboards in the same color as the wide rectangular coffee table in front of the lounge chair. 

A Magnificent Dining Set

The dining room in a Mediterranean house is the place that attracts the most attention. Guests are happy with most of the dining sets in this room. The teak wood dining set consists of a flat tube-shaped table finished with emerald green lacquer paint. 

This will be commensurate with simple teak wood dining chairs. You can choose emerald green gradient wood paint or light brown natural wood color.

You can hold a lunch banquet with guests whose number can exceed 10 people in this dining room.

If you need professional help to make custom wooden furniture for the Mediterranean house interior, you can contact us immediately. We will guide you to have the best design that suits your home the most.