jepara indonesia furniture – The bedroom is the most solitary hiding place after we do a lot of things, including meeting people outside the house. Many people keep their rooms as clean and aesthetic as possible so that resting there is enjoyable. The best bedroom concept that suits you is the one you like in every way. Even though the retro or vintage concept is not a trending concept now, if your soul likes it then you can make it happen.

Diverse bedroom concepts also bring wooden furniture designs to a more varied realm. If in the past people bought wooden benches just because they looked solid, now they buy them also because of the attractive design and color. Meanwhile, a contemporary wooden console table or coffee table will become an art object that can improve the aesthetic look of your room.

You will use all the wooden furniture for its function. However, the beauty and the uniqueness of the design is no less important. So, what wooden furniture design do you choose for your bedroom concept?

Introduce to 7 Popular Woods from IndonesiaRustic Design Will Never Die

When it comes to teak wood furniture, then rustic design is the best match. Bohemian or rustic bedroom concepts will definitely use a lot of wood throughout. This is to create a warm and comfortable traditional or rural vibes. 

Meanwhile, bohemian room designs tend to use peaceful earth tone colors even though there are many patterns from macrame wall decorations, colorful carpets and wooden furniture.

For those of you who are eccentric, teak wood furniture with a contemporary bohemian style is sure to be impressive. The bed frame can use a low platform design with thick textured legs with Jepara carvings. The carvings can emphasize its bohemian side. Meanwhile, for the color of the bed, you can choose a neutral color of brown or light gray by letting the natural teak wood pattern stand out.

Then you will have the rustic table design next to the bed. It is a simple nightstand or coffee table in cream or brick stone color. You also need to give your room another rustic touch with a white wall closet that has a lattice design on the door where you can peek in from there.

Don’t forget to add Jepara carvings to the outside edge of the closet using an earth tone color paint according to your taste.

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Wooden Furniture Design for Korean Japandi Style Room

We all know that Japandi bedroom interiors are quite a trend in urban circles. The concept itself carries a combination of natural minimalist Japanese style with rustic clean Scandinavian interiors. Meanwhile, South Korean interior style also dominates market interest in minimalist room concepts with cross legged beds, the use of aesthetic wooden furniture and cute decorations in every corner.

You can combine these two concepts through selected teak wood furniture. The bed is the main point that you need to pursue. You can use white wood paint for the cross legged bed. Then next to the bed there is a wooden desk for you to place your cell phone, glasses, bottle, and much more. You can custom male this desk as low as the bed.

Meanwhile, for the chair, you can choose a short legged stool chair with a soft round seat without any arms. You can also make a long peach colored wooden buffet which will be a storage for clothes, socks, scarves, handkerchiefs and so on.

If you need professional help to arrange your bedroom with some best wooden furniture, you can contact us now. We will bring you any concept you’ve never thought of before.