Jepara furniture – Cape cod architecture is the embodiment of kids’ drawings of houses. This house with an American architectural style got the name Cape Cod after the coastal area of Massachusetts which has a certain style of house. Apart from America, there are also many Cape Cod houses in New England and the Asian continent who want to adopt the design.

This house usually has a chimney that integrates the fireplace in the interior of the house. The shape of this house is rectangular with a neat condition on the outside, a steep roof, the main entrance is right in the middle, has a roof window and a closed window next to the door. Many define Cape Cod as a warm and cozy little cottage. It is not surprising that the interior also consists of wood with wooden paneled windows.

The ceilings are usually low, making conditions inside the house warmer. People like it if their wooden furniture can function as it should and it becomes an ornament that decorates the interior too.

Teak Wood Sofa in the Living Room

Sectional sofas or loveseats sofas with teak wood frames can be an attractive choice for the interior of a cape cod house. If you only have a small family and only receive a few people at home you can make a custom loveseat sofa. This sofa is indeed suitable for just a few people to sit there.

Meanwhile, a sectional sofa can be a wise choice for a living room which is often a gathering place for more than five people. L or U shape sectional sofas are usually what people look for most often because this shape seems quite flexible in the living room.

Then also place the coffee table lower than the sofa. You can adjust the coffee table design to suit the shape and width of the sofa. You can make a small to medium sized custom coffee table to match a love seat sofa. Meanwhile, a long coffee table with thin teak wood legs that has Jepara carvings is good as a set with a sectional sofa. The sofa in dark blue, monochrome and brick red shades provide a balanced feel for the living room in this house.

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The Best Wooden Kitchen Cabinet

The kids’ picture of a cape cod house from the outside will be the same as their picture of the kitchen’s condition inside the house. The kitchen in this house should have an elongated cabinet that reaches the kitchen ceilings. The shape of the cabinet can resemble a matchbox with a curved top part.

The choice of bone white paint with Jepara carvings on the doors will add to the aesthetic value of this cabinet. Apart from this wooden furniture, you can also make a bar table that attaches to the kitchen wall. At the bottom of this table there are 4 stool chairs without arms. You can cook there and then invite three other people to eat together.

You can make the design of all custom wooden furniture after having a brainstorming session with us. We will guide you to make the best furniture for your cape cod house. Do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.