indonesia teak furniture – Today’s homes, offices, and commercial buildings are more attractive to have an interior with wooden furniture. Many people seek contemporary, modern, and minimalist wooden furniture designs. The use of wood in furniture design is profitable for them. Especially if this is teak wood, which is famous for its sturdiness, is resistant to termites, can use any style of finishing, and is suitable for beautiful Jepara carvings. 

Some people like the matte look of their teak wood furniture to emphasize the impression of luxury and elegance. Others are satisfied with a natural wax finish for a contemporary Scandinavian impression. As a property owner who wants to beautify the interior with wooden furniture, you may need to learn about wood finishing. However, you can ask a professional artisan to do that.

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Finishing Teak Wood Furniture for Offices

Teak wood has become part of the interior and exterior of offices worldwide. This wood is substantial, and designers can use teak furniture as a tool to give each office a different feel. Most offices prefer minimalist designs on desks such as the knockdown model, which at the top is only for computers, telephones, and files without burdensome storage space. 

Therefore, choosing a liquid stain that is safe for the environment is essential for the finishing process. You can choose the color freely; the craftsman will usually communicate this with his customers. Liquid stain usually has more than ten color choices. You need to mix it with water, then stir until it comes together and there is no sediment. 

You can apply this stain to wooden furniture using a brush or spray. Once dry, you must still sand it before applying the sanding sealer to sharpen the color. The final stage of this finishing process is to lock the color using a clear coat. 

Black or White Wash Finishing on Teak Wood Furniture for Homes  

You can achieve a glossy or matte look for teak wood furniture at home at the right finishing stage. Home is where you rest and can do whatever you want without anyone stopping you. This place can also accept guests from various backgrounds, and you have to provide the proper comfort to maintain your self-image. 

You should decorate your house with the right furniture and make it comfortable. This first comfort can be good from the look of the surface of the teak wood furniture at your home. You might try a black or whitewash finish. You can use the whitewash finishing technique for vintage antique white results. Meanwhile, you can use the black wash technique for a more luxurious finishing result. With this finishing, your teak furniture will have a stunning appearance. Not only that, it will also be of high value.

You can consult a professional artisan like us to have an excellent finish on your wooden teak furniture at home or in the office. You can contact us immediately to arrange an appointment to make custom wooden furniture with proper finishing for your property.