teak garden furniture – This 19th and 20th century style house concept is suitable for wooden furniture. The idea of this house uses an interior design similar to an industrial factory with an open building and no polish. Some wooden furniture will elevate the artistic level of the interior of this industrial house concept. 

Like a teak wood table with a layer of iron along the table legs you place in the living room, the wood makes the industrial concept interior less flexible. Likewise, when you pack a mezzanine floor, it would help if you had something that can highlight the floor that appears to be hanging near the living room so that it doesn’t look like a cheap factory. 

You can also decorate bedrooms, kitchens, verandas, bathrooms, and even garages with the proper layout and design of wooden furniture.

Considering the Balance of All Elements

The characteristics of industrial houses are the strength of the building structure and fire resistance. Elements such as wood, exposed brick, and metal dominate the concept of this house. Teak wood in interior furniture in industrial homes is appropriate because the nature of this wood is solid and sturdy; you can make any custom design, and it can provide aesthetic value. 

You can also focus more on the functionality of wooden furniture and complementary materials by creating a design that has an unfinished impression. When the exposed brick wall in your workspace has a neat design with a few cement scratches to make it more artistic, you can make the furniture design in that room more eccentric. 

It could be a corner sofa with a teak wood frame, with one end having an arm while the other has no arm. You can choose the color of wooden furniture that contrasts with the walls and floor. We assume the floor also uses a wooden floor with dark colors such as dark brown and an off-white exposed brick wall. So, you can choose the corner sofa color in mustard, rose gold, or light gray.

If the walls and floor color are lighter, you can give the wooden sofa dark colors like dark grey, dark wood brown, black, and brick red. 

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Protruding Wooden Cabinet or Cupboard

Large windows are part of the industrial house interior concept. Windows with wooden frames will be perfectly harmonious with a wooden cabinet or cupboard that stands out with a unique design. It is better to position the TV cabinet opposite the large window. Meanwhile, you can fill the middle with other wooden furniture, such as a wooden computer desk, wooden stool, and Benton-style chairs. 

This wooden cabinet will stick to an industrial gray concrete-themed wall. This cabinet that you will make custom won’t have any doors. You will place the TV in the middle of the cabinet by hanging it on a safety hook. Meanwhile, the TV’s top, bottom, right, and left sides will be the place for the teak wood cabinet ornaments.

Well, if you need professional help to elevate the perfectness of your industrial home with wooden furniture, you can contact us immediately. We will come to your place to brainstorm about the proper designs.