jepara indonesia furniture – They are leaning your back against the chair’s backrest, and raising both legs as high as the footrest is a simple pleasure when you get home. Homemakers or people who work from home also like this idea. They have just finished doing the chores and shopping at a grocery store and find this chair. To get this comfort, you must have adequate chairs. 

You can choose chair products made from teak wood, which has become a standard for organizations worldwide regarding durability, strength, comfort, and safety as long as this teak chair doesn’t receive a finishing touch from paint products that use hazardous materials. 

You can choose the chair design with the best backrest and footrest according to your comfort standards. You can make it custom through professional artisans who often handle orders for making teak wood furniture from many countries.

Chairs with Backrest Reduce Back Pain

Back pain will always haunt anyone in adulthood. We often work on computers with the screen at eye level. Sitting on a chair without a backrest only puts tension around the back and waist muscles. Your back will automatically curve if you stare at the screen too long while typing. Even when working with a chair with a backrest, the body can still feel aches if the chair choice is improper. 

Have you ever noticed or maybe tried yourself sitting on a chair with a backrest in the waiting room, like in a drug store? You must feel awful and have a few pauses when you stand or walk and come back again, right? 

Try comparing when you sit on a wooden tub chair for several hours. You will instantly feel relaxed with the soft backrest and leaning arms, which relaxes the back and spine muscles. It is not surprising that the design of this chair is suitable for those who suffer from back injuries. It’s also easy for them to get a drink or snack because the side table is one set with the tub chair design. 

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Wooden Chair Design with Footrest

Teak wood chairs with footrests are usually the choice for people who want to rest at that time. He doesn’t want anyone to disturb him with tasks and leans on the chair with his legs supported. Sometimes, the user of this chair also thinks hard and occasionally does something with the laptop on his lap. 

When your legs are relaxed, your pelvic muscles will also relax, calming your whole upper body. You feel less tense when you use a table with a footrest at the bottom while working. 

This teak wood chair you make custom with a trusted artisan can have complete benefits with a backrest and footrest. You can also place a wooden chair with a reclining design with a backrest and footrest opposite the TV cabinet. So you can relax watching TV after a hectic day.

You can contact us now if you want to choose modern, contemporary chair designs with custom backrests and footrests. We will show you the best design and finishing based on an agreement.