Indonesia furniture – The idea of a simple square dining table with an extended part when the homeowner wants to serve more guests is old. It’s been around since we all learned how to fold tables or chairs that we can easily carry anywhere. However, the increasing number of residential areas, apartments, and business premises with limited land has made this idea reappear.

People with a living room with minimal area still want to decorate it with specific furniture and utilize its function. This is not about folding tables or chairs from plastic or PVC materials. This is about teak wood, which traditionally can be shown as a folding and bending method without adding other materials such as iron or wire.

Shelf Turns Into Dining Table

You might be amazed at the shelves for storing displays during the day, which can turn into a unique dining table at dinner. Everything is possible because you make it custom with professional artistry from trusted artisans near you. 

The design of this shelf can follow the general shelf design, which adapts to the room’s area and the placement angle. You will make a display shelf to place several family photo frames, magazines, or small flower vases. There are at least 3 to 4 shelves for a height that will not exceed the height of a typical adult.

You have to consider the width between the top and bottom shelf to estimate the length of the dining table when the shelf stretches. You only need to pull out a few chairs when the table is ready, and everything on the shelf is safe and neat under the table. 

However, the design of this teak wood shelf is simple, using a method that looks ergonomic with springs. But all of them only use wood and furniture parts with holes or gaps so that the wood joints can come in and out when you use them. You can make this multifunctional and aesthetic wooden furniture with any wood paint color. It would be better if the color matched the color of the dining table and shelf. 

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Extendable Kitchen Cabinet

Minimalist homes need all kinds of wood furniture products that are extendable. The kitchen area is minimal, and it isn’t easy to have a dining set complete with a cabinet for storage. However, thanks to the creativity of today’s artisans. You can have a kitchen cabinet complete with the dining table and chairs.

This kitchen cabinet is not only eye-catching when you look at it but also functions as a place to eat and store. When you enter the kitchen in the morning to prepare breakfast, you will only find a cabinet with a flat top surface resembling a table. The table’s length and width will adjust to the overall area of the kitchen.

When the food is ready, you must pull the chair out from under the cabinet with the door closed. There are usually two chairs inside. Meanwhile, you can also store cutlery, cooking utensils, and spices inside the cabinet with the modern design.

So, if you need professional help to save your minimalist place with multipurpose wooden furniture, you can contact us immediately. We will show you all you need to have a minimalist room with a maximum beautiful look.