jepara indonesia furniture – Home furniture from teak wood doesn’t always seem old and fragile. It has its own magical power that captivates every eyes that see it. For those of you who are newlyweds, it’s also a good idea to fill your house with durable wooden furniture and impressive designs. 

Many teak wood furniture designs currently have modern and futuristic themes. You will never even encounter that old and fragile impression. Instead you will only find a classy vintage and urban modern impression. So, where do you start to cherish every moment by filling teak wood furniture in your newlyweds’ lives?

Teak wood That Equivalent to a Dowry

Do you know that this valuable teak wood can be equivalent to a dowry? Dowry is a sign of a man’s seriousness in proposing to the woman of his choice. Apart from a place to live that will be an important spot to make love every day. This form of seriousness should be something of high value so that it shows seriousness and sincerity. 

It is not surprising that many men work very hard in order to obtain a high dowry. One of the dowries and accessories that you can bring to the surface is furniture made of precious wood. Real teak wood. Not the wood that people think is typical Southeast Asian wood. Indonesia as a teak wood producer also has wood that resembles teak wood such as nyatoh wood.

Nyatoh wood often has a layer of teak oil on its surface. So many people mistakenly think that this is natural teak furniture. You have to be careful when you want to buy teak wood furniture. Nyatoh wood generally shows brittleness if it has an attack by termites and repeated bad weather conditions. Apart from that, genuine teak wood will make a quiet sound and feel heavy when you hit the outside with a hard beat. 

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The Layout of Teak Furniture at Minimalist House

Even though you can fill your whole house with teak wood furniture, you have to pay attention to the layout. You should not line up or collect teak wood furniture that looks dashing, classy, and perfect on one side of the room. This will look full, suffocating, and unsightly. However, you can follow these arrangements:

  • You can decorate the terrace with benches and small tables for a relaxing atmosphere. It is when you want to enjoy the morning coffee or the sunset.
  • When passing through the front door of your minimalist house, guests will find a mirror in front of the living room. Teak wood with typical Jepara carvings will frame the mirror. The ethnic impression with soft light brown color will warmly welcome guests.
  • The living room concept can follow a minimalist theme with a relaxing single sofa bed and teak wood table which gives a slightly formal impression. 
  • A bedroom with a teak wood bed can give a simple but warm impression. There is only one note, you need a bed design with warm colors such as broken white or coffee latte. 
  • A cupboard or bookshelf can also be a highlight of a room. Whether you put it in the living room or bedroom. 

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