Indonesia furniture – Wooden furniture can always provide shade in the house because of its color effect. Honey brown, gray, broken white, and latte hazelnut are the colors that dominate wooden furniture in the home or office. Teak wood furniture can also provide a soothing, calming, and warm color effect. Especially for residences where elderly people live every day. 

Older people usually experience decreased vision so they need something that gives them a sense of calm around them. Some old persons who have got a disease also have blurred vision. They need sharp colors that make their vision a little more sensitive. 

The Best Teak Wood for Furniture

Apart from the color which has a certain effect on the eyes of old persons, the durability of Tectona grandis wood furniture also has a great impact. There are certain factors why old people choose teak wood as a material in their homes. They even bought it when they were still productive at work. 

The durability of teak wood is perfect as a long-term investment. They bought beds, chairs, benches, tables, cupboards, mirrors, couches, and partitions made from old teak wood. Teak trees that are more than 80 years old can produce high-quality wood. 

The texture of old teak wood is smooth with dense grain and small pores.

The craftsmen and carving artists like old teak wood too because of its large trunk. This also allows the teak wood furniture to get a little connection as they create the work. 

Old teak wood has a dark brown color which is the favorite of older people. When they were young, they bought furniture made from old teak wood because of its sturdy and elegant impression. Once they age, old teak wood furniture can provide a warm and soothing effect. The building construction in their house also uses old teak wood which adds a sense of calm when sheltering under it. 

So, what about furniture from young teak wood? Could this type of teak wood be an option?

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The Effect of Coating on Teak Wood

Indonesia as a world-class producer of teak wood has always been the place that uses the most types of young teak wood. Young teak wood is mostly the result of cultivating teak trees for more than 5 years. This wood has large fibers with a wavy look surface texture and a color that tends to fade or white. 

Furniture from young teak wood should receive certain treatment so that it can withstand termite attacks and last longer. Protect young teak wood by coating the finish on the wood surface using a transparent colored stain. This color will keep the fibers visible. Old people won’t be able to see any dull color fading then. 

Apart from that, you can also use paint to cover the fibers and varnish as a finishing touch. Sometimes the old teak wood also has to have a coating to emphasize the color with varnish. 

If you have difficulty in providing the best wooden furniture for your grandparents at home, you can contact us through this website. We will suggest you treat the teak wood at home to help your grandmother or grandfather feel comfortable.