indonesia teak furniture – Teak wood furniture has very good durability, especially for grade A. It can reach 20 to 30 years of age. Even so, we still need to pay attention to how to properly care of teak furniture especially Jepara teak furniture which is known as the best wooden furniture nowadays. Thus, it can last much longer. 

The Easiest and Simplest Ways to Care for Your Teak Furniture

Here are the specifically summarized tips for caring for your teak furniture. Check the list out!

Place the Furniture That Has the Normal Temperature 

Choose the proper place for your teak furniture, you must wisely place the furniture. The teak wood furniture remains durable; thus, the condition of the place must be good, clean, not damp, and especially a stable temperature. 

Humid temperatures can make your teak furniture short-lived. Don’t expose it directly to the sunlight or other heat sources, your furniture may look dull, and the coating easily cracks and warps.  

Clean the Furniture Once a Month 

To care for the furniture, clean it regularly at least once a month. It can be done to minimize the damage to the surface due to the dust and dirt sticking to it. What you have to do is so easy, just use the water and wipe it immediately with a cotton cloth or T-shirt. 

Don’t be late in cleaning so that the stains don’t remain and leave a bad impression. 

Maintain the Surface of the Furniture Properly 

Scratches are the most important thing to pay attention to the surface of your teak furniture. It seems simple but somehow it may be difficult. To avoid scratching on your teak furniture, you are not allowed to use any kind of sharp equipment while cleaning it. 

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For caring from the dull, you are suggested to always cover your furniture with a tablecloth on the top surface of the tables and chairs and the sofa with foam as a base. It minimizes the possibility of slowly damaging your furniture. 

Repolishing the Finishing Color of Your Furniture 

As time goes by and the age of use increases, of course, the appearance of the furniture no longer looks like new. Repolishing is the best solution! 

You can use any kind of polish, either spray polish or one that looks like wood. Try this at least once in 3 to 5 years to keep your furniture charming and beautiful.  

Selecting Cleaning Fluid 

To keep your furniture clean, the dirt can be removed by using a liquid such as a non-acetone, toluene, or methanol-based liquid to clean it. Apart from these three types of materials, your teak furniture remains clean without any damage. 

You must be selective for these kinds of liquids, or your furniture may be damaged. Proper Use 

You must be able to differentiate the function of the teak furniture based on its location. If the furniture is designed for indoors, don’t use it outside. The producer uses the type of wood appropriate for its function. 

However, apart from the method above, you also have to know when you decide to own furniture, you have to know a quality product from both construction and materials. If you would like to know more about how to care of your teak furniture, please kindly contact us here.