teak garden furniture – Everything that comes from teak wood will definitely have high value. Just like the teak wood furniture that many people collect in private homes. They know that the older the teak wood, the higher its value. 

Maybe you wouldn’t think of putting a whole log of teak wood in the middle of the living room or hall of a building. Even though old teak wood has a high selling value and is timeless. You still have to process the teak wood into collectible furniture that not only beautifies the interior and exterior of the house but is also worth the investment. The furniture collection in your home will occupy a number of spots. This will be a display spot that will attract the attention of your several guests who visit. 

When high curiosity arises, such as asking how much money you spent to get that coffee table or ethnic cupboard, you can answer it. It’s worth the pleasure of looking at it. Then the curious guests will be even more curious. You just need time to release this collection of teak wood furniture into the hands of the guest. Don’t forget to treat this teak furniture like other expensive collectibles.

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From Likes to Valuable Collections

All the things we like can be worth an investment so you won’t hesitate to make them into a collection. Collectibles are often difficult to let go of in order to pursue a number of benefits, right? However, have you ever imagined that a teak nightstand could cost as much as a branded purse? 

This is a worthwhile investment. You can design your own teak wood furniture and then hand it over the nearest craftsman. You can also add iconic designs that are currently popular on the global market, such as typical Jepara carvings. Jepara is one of the best furniture producing cities in Indonesia.

Apart from designing and creating your own valuable teak wood furniture, you can also buy from famous local artists around you. When you create or buy furniture from teak wood, it indicates that you really like this type of wood. You also know the meaning of its value. 

After that, you will try hard to shift your love for collecting them into a love for selling them. Of course, when you get an attractive offer that is many times your initial capital. 

How to Treat Teak Wood

Something magical from teak wood is a natural protective oil that is similar to resin. You no longer need to use other chemical oils to care for teak wood furniture. When this collection of furniture arrives at a point in the house where you will display it, you just need to leave it like that. Wherever you place it, outside or indoors, you should just treat the furniture as if it had just come out of the shop. 

If you are concern about peeling paint from this furniture, then you can still coat it with aluminum oxide. Then you leave this on the display area. The next day when you have to activate the function of it such as a bookshelf or a coffee table, just make sure you don’t dirty or scratch it. 

Last but not least, you can do soft selling of your collection through social media which is now more effective than holding a big exhibition offline. You can open it with an interesting caption like…wanna know how classic vintage meets modern in your home? 

So, when talking about selling teak wood furniture, you may need professional help. Contact us via this website to make your work easier. Let’s work together for a long time so that your investment produces more profits and inner satisfaction.