teak outdoor furniture – A terrace is an area that is the face of a property. This area is often just a place to put stuff that couriers deliver or an area with shoe racks and a dog. Sometimes lots of footwear scatters carelessly on the floor. As a result, the terrace looks dirty, shabby, full, and uncomfortable as a place to chat.

Meanwhile, you need a multi-purpose outdoor room where guests can also talk to each other while looking at the natural scenery in front of them. Whether it is a small garden that you cultivate or a mountain across the hill. So, you can clean this terrace area as clean as possible. Then, you can use the wooden sofa set with a modern and natural design as a highlight there.

Wooden Sofa Set to Make Your Multi-Purpose Terrace Attractive

How Risky to Put a Sofa Set on the Terrace

Maybe the idea of placing a sofa set on a terrace which is clearly part of the outdoor property is a bit risky. People don’t want their beautiful sofa set to get splashed with rainwater when the weather is bad. However, you can lean on a sofa set made from typical Indonesian teak wood.

Whatever the design of your sofa set, teak wood is the quality you invest in. Teak wood furniture is a guarantee of quality because it can last for decades in all weather conditions. Termites and other destructive animal attacks will also not be able to cripple the strength and density of this wood.

Therefore, you don’t need to hesitate anymore to make a teak wood sofa set by adding typical Jepara carvings to make it even more beautiful.

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Furniture with Contemporary Futuristic Design for Terrace

The sofa set that you make in collaboration with the nearest craftsman is a long bench as long as the sofa in general and a table with a certain design. You can make a sofa with a backrest that has a layer of pillows that integrate with the seat. While other models can have a teak wood back without a cushion and only the seat has a long cushion to make it comfortable.

Then for the table you can choose the one the best that matches the design of the sofa. A round table with artistic rounded legs will definitely decorate your terrace beautifully. Next, on the opposite side of the sofa, you can place a teak wood shoe rack that has a cover so that all footwear is neat and doesn’t stick out when you store it. There are no more footwear covering this terrace area.

If you have a pet dog or cat, you can also make an aesthetic and functional dog house as another ornament that balances the sofa set on your multi-purpose terrace. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now to have your idea come true as we have a team to work on. You can hand us your own wooden sofa set design or maybe you need our professional help for it?