A reading room is the most comfortable place for you to spend some hours with your favorite books. You can read for hours on it and then do other activities that require high focus such as writing, typing and thinking about ideas. So, you can create a private reading room like a mini library at home.

Make a minimalist wall bookshelf as a distinctive ornament for the room next to the teak wood table, chairs, and other furniture that occupies this private room. Take an empty room in your property to become a reading room. Whether it’s your home, office, or home business production site. No one may enter this room except with your permission.

Type of Teak Wood Bookshelf

Therefore, create a room as private as possible with custom furniture that you design yourself. You can make bookshelves made of teak wood according to the design you want, the size of the room, and the function. There is a part of the shelf where you can place books that you will read in the near future. Then you can place your collection of books on another shelf that is higher and closed than the other one.

You can choose the paint color for the wooden furniture according to your taste. It’s not always brown or honey to coat teak wood furniture. You can give a touch of light blue which is calming in your reading room. Pastel colors such as khaki, pink, soft green and dark colors like black can also increase concentration.

You can design a wooden bookshelf like a shelf attached to the wall just to store two or three books. If you look from a distance, the bookshelves in the form of pieces on the left and right sides of the wall will appear to be floating.

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Complementary Wooden Furniture with Its Benefits

Wooden tables and chairs are complementary furniture in the reading room that you must have. You can write and type with a proper body position if there is a table. The chair is also parallel to the table. The table can be a desk with an attractive design and color which has a cupboard below to store anything.

Don’t forget to match the design of the wooden table and chair to the bookshelf. If the design leads to contemporary modern minimalism, then you also have to make everything harmonious. You can choose a slightly different paint color for the wooden table and chair from the bookshelves. It is to provide a visually beautiful accent.

The paint color of the wooden table can be a little softer or bolder than the minimalist bookshelf on the wall. Then you can also do the opposite. When you finish reading one or two books, you can leave them on the desk without putting them back on the shelf.

Well, what about your interest in creating a private reading room in your home? Just call us now and we will come right away to give you professional help.