Bathing or showering is one of the daily activities that people must do to clean and make their bodies fresh. Some people may list bathing as one important activity before doing others. It relates to health, habit, cleanliness, and relaxation. 

But not all activities run smoothly when bathing, it turns out that many unexpected events can happen, such as slipping and falling in the bathroom. It causes injury that makes the people feel very painful. 

What is a Teak Shower Bench?

The teak shower bench is the bench specifically made that is used in the shower. It is one of the important tools even though it is small, its function fits the activities while showering. Teak is well known as the best wood quality which is resistant to water and humidity. 

Thus, the teak shower bench is designed specifically for those who need it. Apart from the best wood quality, teak is easy to care for and maintain, regularly clean it up and oil it. It makes your teak shower bench lifespan shiny and looks like a new one.

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Who Needs the Teak Shower Bench?

While many people think that shower benches are used for the elderly or wheelchair individuals, it is not true. The shower bench is created for those who like it. Everyone can use the teak shower bench normally, it is based on your needs. When you would like to enjoy showering while sitting, get the new experience of showering, thus a teak shower bench is a must for you.

Meanwhile, I reflected on some problems that happen to the elderly, or the ones who have problems with their legs that no longer support their weight, or the patients who cannot stand, thus the shower bench is designed. Why should they use the teak shower bench? 

Because the ordinary chair doesn’t have many small holes in the seat that function to drain the water from the seat. Another reason is that ordinary chairs have a high risk of becoming slippery. It is dangerous to the users.

What is the Best Design for the Teak Shower Bench?

There are some designs for the teak shower bench. It is based on your bathroom space conditions. So, before deciding on the design make sure the available space for placing the teak shower bench, do not make it bigger than the available space. Make sure the shower bench supports your weight, that’s why the teak shower bench is the best for its strength. Then the last thing to be considered is whether you want the shower bench with or without a backrest because some need a backrest for specific reasons. But a common teak shower bench is backless.  

The teak shower bench design is so varying. If you would like to place it in the middle of the store space of the bathroom, a rectangular teak shower bench is recommended. If it is placed in the corner, triangular shapes to be placed in the corner will be the best.  Both teak shower benches are supported by a shelf.  

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