indonesia teak furniture – The extra space that appears to hang in a property is always interesting for us to review. How a mezzanine is not just a space that people deliberately create to enhance the aesthetic elements of a building but also one that you can take full advantage of. 

A mezzanine floor will look artistic, eye-catching, and commensurate with the interior concept you want by adding some convincing ornaments. Teak wood furniture will make your mezzanine floor not only have the appropriate function. It will also have aesthetic value. You can try it yourself by placing typical Indonesian teak wood furniture in the mezzanine area which has different functions.

Wooden Furniture Makes a Mezzanine Floor with Benefits
Wooden Furniture Makes a Mezzanine Floor with Benefits

Wooden Furniture for Mezzanine to Relax

Maybe you are the person who uses the mezzanine floor as an area for relaxation. You can sit quietly here while reading, organize a small library, or sit back and relax while watching a TV show. You can provide a one-seater sofa from teak wood which has a contemporary and minimalist design. A table for placing books and other props integrates with this sofa.

You can also make a custom teak wood sofa and a table that you can separate according to your needs. Apart from that one-seater sofa model, you can also place an armchair with a coffee table in front of it and a modular bookshelf behind it. All of them are teak wood products that you can rely on. Sometimes a pouffe stool or Ottoman chair can also add a warm and comfortable impression near the wooden armchair.

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Wooden Furniture for the Mezzanine as a Workspace

Some use the mezzanine floor as an area for work and play. You can place a teak wood table to sit on the floor. The type of table can use a custom console table design, coffee table, or teak wood dining table. You can sit on the floor while working on a laptop where a soft cushion becomes the seat.

On the opposite of the work desk, you can place a wooden TV cabinet. The TV will be your space to play games for hours after work. If your mezzanine floor is wide enough, you can also place a custom sideboard with brushed brass paint at the end of the room. You can use this sideboard to store game cassettes, books, or work equipment. 

Mezzanine Furniture to Display Collections

Few people use the mezzanine floor as an area to display collection items. This area is usually visible from the living room, dining room, or even from the bedroom. You can put a custom teak wood cupboard where you can put some collection items one by one on each shelf. 

This wooden cupboard or cabinet has doors like a cupboard in general so that your collection items such as Gundam robots, books, dolls, or other small precious items can have protection when you leave or sleep tight. 

So, if you need a helping hand from a professional team to make wooden furniture for your mezzanine floor, you can contact us immediately. You can bring your design or discuss it with us on the site.