teak outdoor furniture – MD: Cleaning furniture is easy as long as you use the right cleaner, but what do professionals use to clean furniture? Find out more in the list here.

Cleaning furniture can be challenging if you do not know what to use. It is not as simple as using wet cloth because each piece of furniture has a specific fabric or material. You may ask yourself what do professionals use to clean furniture, so here are some tools that can help you to clean it up.

What Do Professionals Use to Clean Furniture?

Portable Spot Cleaner

Cleaning some spots on the furniture can be harder when you do not use the right equipment. So, you have to use a portable spot cleaner. Having a small-sized cleaner will be better because you can lift it while cleaning. Spot cleaners usually remove some stains as well.

The spot cleaner equipment might need to spray suction to the stains or spots before you use it. Some brands have different weights and models which are very light and easy to use. Choose the one with a transparent tank, so you can see the dirt inside while removing the tank.

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Pet Stain Eraser

Using a pet stain eraser is a good idea if you have a pet at home. This is what do professionals use to clean furniture because it works better than a simple vacuum cleaner. Usually, a pet stain eraser is lightweight and the design is cordless and can be used portably.

Not only pet stains but also food stains that this tool can remove. The furniture such as the sofa and carpet is a bit complex to clean. Some erasers are designed with rechargeable batteries. The price is low and you can clean the furniture as fast as a professional does.

Leather Cleaner Kit

A leather cleaner kit helps you to remove the stains or spots on the furniture made from leather. Removing the stains will not require so much effort with this kit. After wiping the area, it turns out to look like new. It is reliable to clean the furniture.

What is inside the kit? There are several things, such as a cloth, a sponge, a cleaning solution, and a leather conditioner. They should work together and the work will be effective and fast. However, the price of the kit is quite expensive. It is such a big investment for the furniture.

Stain Pretreat Spray

This is a spray that can work well to remove dirt, dust, and stains on the furniture. Mostly, this spray is very safe to use without residue and odor. Using this stain pretreat is easy because you only have to spray on a certain area that needs to be cleaned.

The formula in stain pretreat is strong. The material is liquid like water. Besides the stains on furniture, you can rely on this spray to remove dirt in the area with high traffic. After that, you can continue using the tools the furniture needs.

You may be confused about what do professionals use to clean furniture since the size of tools does matter. If you do not have any idea which one is the right one to use for your house, find us at for consultation.