teak garden furniture – Dawn is a liquid dish soap that many people use for cleaning, but can you use Dawn to clean wood furniture? Find out the answer here.

Dawn is a popular brand of liquid dish soap that you can use for cleaning. Even though it works as a dish soap, many people rely on this item to clean some furniture in their house. However, can you use Dawn to clean wood furniture since the material is more complex and sensitive?

This liquid soap can be used to clean wood furniture, yet the method is different from cleaning other items in your house. Thus, you should be careful since liquid soap is slippery and may leave traces on the wood furniture. Read some methods below to know further.

Preparing the Best Bistro with Quality Wooden FurnitureCan You Use Dawn to Clean Wood Furniture? Methods

Cleaning The Dark Spots

Dark spots on wood furniture are normal when they are already old. However, those can be removed by using dishwashing liquid like Dawn. You have to focus on the dark spots rather than other areas. After that, you can clean the rest of the furniture in case it is dusty or looks old.

Using dishwashing liquid is not enough because you need a cotton ball to help you with this. The cotton ball should be wet. After that, squirt some dishwashing liquid on the cotton ball. Then, clean the dark spots using the cotton ball. Wipe the dark spot using a wet cotton ball without dishwashing liquid.

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Combining Water and Dawn

Another method you can try is mixing dishwashing liquid and water to remove dust or stains on wood furniture. This is the most general method in case you wonder can you use Dawn to clean wood furniture. You have to prepare a bucket of water and mix it with the dishwashing liquid.

After it mixes well with some bubbles, you have to take a cloth and soak it into the bucket. Then, wipe the surface of the wood furniture. If you are going to use a sponge, don’t let it get too wet because the water might destroy the finish of the furniture. Use a dry cloth after that to wipe and dry the surface.

Pouring The Dishwasher Liquid

The next method is pouring the dishwasher liquid onto the surface of the furniture. Dawn has gentle ingredients that will not destroy the wood furniture. It is safe to use for any kind of furniture finishing. Yet, you have to pour the right amount of Dawn onto it.

The stains on the surface of wood furniture should be removed first. Squirt the Dawn from the bottle onto the stain, then wipe it down using a fiber cloth. After that, use another wet cloth to remove the excess of the dishwashing liquid.

The more dirt on the surface of your wood furniture, the more liquid you need. It creates a bubble that may leave traces, so you have to make sure it is getting dried after that.

Can you use Dawn to clean wood furniture? Yes, even though it may be difficult for you. Some furniture has sensitive finishing, so you have to be careful. In case you need some consultation about cleaning your wood furniture contact us.