One of the challenges of having a small room at home is making it function optimally. For those of you who do work activities at home, you can use a narrow space as a minimalist workspace. So, the space doesn’t have to be big, a small workspace as long as it’s comfortable will also make your work productive. You just need to arrange the furniture that will be used to choose the right design. You have to choose functional and space-saving furniture so you can work more productively.

Functional furniture is a solution for minimalist workspaces. Furniture is made to meet the needs which has extra benefits that can support your activities. The narrow spaces can be overcome by work spaces to functional furniture.  

A Pair of Minimalist Teak Desks and Chair

For those who like working while sitting on a chair, you can use a minimalist teak chair and desk for your workspace. You can use a work desk with one storage drawer where you can keep books, paper, and other work equipment. The presence of a storage drawer on the teak work desk makes it easier for you to store and retrieve work necessities while working.

Pair of desks with a minimalist teak chair that has a design that matches the table. Different teak chairs and combinations of materials can affect the appearance of your minimalist workspace. 

You can choose a teak chair that is equipped with foam or sponge on the seat. When working on a laptop, you usually sit for a long time. So, a soft seat on a teak work chair is important to make you comfortable. Don’t forget to occasionally stand up and stretch your muscles for 5-6 minutes to make sure your body doesn’t get sore and tense.  

The position of a pair of teak desks and chairs for minimalist houses can be placed in the corner of the house. It normally has dead areas that are often ignored like in the corner of the room or near windows, so it can be an alternative place for your workspace. Another possible place is in your bedroom or you can make it blend with the space in the family room.

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Minimalist Workspace Lounge Style

Not all people enjoy working on the chair, some like to work while sitting cross-legged, sitting on the floor. Although there are pros and cons to sitting cross-legged, how people work will depend on their habits. 

Sitting on the floor can be another way if you would like to experience different concepts when working at home. What you need to maintain is your posture when sitting on the floor so you don’t bend over.

For this style, you can pair the reclining seating with a teak folding table or multifunctional table. The advantage is you can move the teak folding table to other places in the house flexibly. This reclining chair is suitable for those who easily get bored sitting and working in the same place.  

Storage space will be limited for this reclining working style, what needs to add to your workspace is the teak-tier shelf. It is designed vertically. You can store the papers, books, table clock, and other work equipment on it.

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