teak garden furniture – You have just built a villa as a form of long-term investment and want to increase the value of that empty villa. Why not just choose wooden furniture that can match the concept of your villa? 

Wooden furniture will never go out of style. It will just adapt to the times. In the past, many people thought that wooden furniture was only good because of its sturdy figure and natural wood colors that gave the old impression. Now wooden furniture can appear more dynamic. 

By using the sturdy teak wood, you can create custom furniture that can increase the value and vibe of your new villa. You can also elevate the villa that you have abandoned for so long that it has lost its charm by adding wooden furniture to it. 

The Placement of Wooden Furniture Based on the Concept  

A villa must have a clear concept so that you can determine how to properly place the wooden furniture. You can start with the concept of childhood where a family goes on holiday to their grandmother’s house. Grandma’s house is like a villa on a hill with green views as far as the eyes can see and excellent air quality. 

There is a wooden swing under the big tree in front of the villa. When a family arrives at the villa, the swing will warmly welcome the kids. Father and mother also recall memories from their childhood when they were swinging in the air with their grandfather or grandmother pushing their backs. 

You can apply outdoor ornaments in the form of a sturdy teak wood swing whose design you can customize yourself. Then we move to the terrace area where there is a classic shoe rack. We used it to organize and take your shoes when you were going to school. Custom shoe racks can be part of the wooden furniture that decorates the front area of the villa. 

There is also a wooden capstock where you can hang your hat, vehicle keys, etc. Then the charming Jepara carvings will add beauty to the capstock and shoe rack. 

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Organize the Layout Inside the Villa

When we go through the main door, we will see a wooden stand hanger that guests can use to hang coats, hats, or sling bags. On the opposite, it is the living room or communal space where there are tables and chairs from sturdy Indonesia wood. You can discuss the design with the craftsman who will work on it.

You can also see contemporary wooden furniture design references on social media. The design is attractive, modern, and futuristic, and makes the villa feel comfortable. Do not hesitate to plan the design you wish for to fill your empty new villa or old one. If you have any difficulties elevating your villa with wooden furniture, you can contact us right away. Our team will provide you with the best design and wood. We will adapt your concept based on the villa’s condition and wood material.