Jepara furniture – Teakwood is known as one of the best materials for furniture. The display is good. Also has strength and has a long life. It is resistant to insects and climate attacks. The reason for this quality is that teakwood has natural oil. This wood is widely used for chairs, tables, and cupboards. 

The Best Material for Furniture

A good quality teak wood is harvested when it reaches about 20 years old. In this age, the structure, the natural oil, and the look are enough to be functionally good material for furniture. 

Some countries grow this wood to fulfill their needs in the country and abroad. But as it takes time to grow, teakwood users should know how to protect their furniture. Good protection will guarantee this good-looking furniture could have a long life.  

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Teakwood Protection

On the other side, sunlight, rain, and temperature fluctuation could affect the appearance and function of teakwood. So, how to protect this teakwood furniture? Here are some tips for you.

  • Keep a distance between the back side of the furniture with the wall, especially if the wall is moisturized. The length of 5 to 10 m is enough to give good air circulation. 
  • Clean the furniture regularly. Remove the dust with a duster and clean it with a wet cloth. Next, make sure that the surface is dry by using a dry cloth. 
  • Apply a special oil or sealer that is made to protect this wood. The product could help replenish the natural oils in the wood. The natural oil could be lost over time. A sealer or special oil could help to moisturize the wood. Good moisture could prevent it from cracking. 
  • Teakwood could be affected by the sunlight. The sunlight effect could be prevented by locating the furniture far from the direct sunshine. It is recommended to use this wood as indoor furniture. Use a UV protector if it is necessary. 
  • Teakwood furniture could be finished with varnish or other methods. This finishing material could help it live longer and make up the look. 
  • Some wood is not perfect. The appearance of a little cracking or unsmooth surface is common. This could be an effect of weather, the natural condition of the materials, and accidents. Sand and refinishing the furniture could help to make it better. 
  • Avoid placing hot things on the surface. Use a heat resistance base before placing hot things on the furniture. Placing hot things on it could damage the protector and affect the surface. Sometimes it leaves a burned effect on the surface. 
  • The last one is about humidity inside the furniture, such as the inner side of a cupboard. A humidity remover could help in this field. Place a good-quality humidity remover inside the cupboard. This will help to prevent fungi and other damage that are affected by the humidity. 

Teakwood furniture has a good look, and elegance, and is beautiful. It also has the opportunity of a long-life use. Teakwood protection could help to prevent the attack of natural factors such as insects, sunlight, humidity, weather changes, and others. If you need help on doing this protection, you could call ….