teak garden furniture – How Long Should the Ideal Lifespan of Teak Furniture? Teak wood is known as strong and expensive wood when processed into furniture. However, durability is still on the top list among other types of wood thus teak furniture can last for years. 

Types of Teak Furniture 

Teak wood furniture is divided into several types which can be used as furniture, they are: 

  • Golden teak wood is the most widely used for furniture. One of the main reasons is this type has faster growth than other teak wood. It may range from six to fourteen years. The characteristics of this teak, it looks much more striking than others type. Besides, the bark is dark and the pores are quite large. This golden teak wood is freely cultivated and sold. 
  • Folk teak wood is a type of traditional teak tree. In contrast to the golden teak, it has a fairly long growth period, namely around fifteen to twenty-five years before they are finally ready to cut. What makes it unique is the shape which is irregular share because of many bends in the stream. The pores are dense. The price is more affordable and durable and can last for years. 
  • State Forestry Public Company teak wood, as the name, this type of teak wood is managed by State Forestry Public Company for the whole process, starting from plantation, felling, and selling. It has a straighter trunk with larger types of wood. Both price and quality are much better due to the well-managed processing from the company. 

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So, How Long Does Teak Wood Furniture Last? 

Teak is a kind of high-quality wood production, the tree itself has a straight, large trunk and can grow to a height of thirty to forty meters. Teak initially has a golden color with fine texture and grain, and a high content of natural oils and rubber that makes the teak wood strong, durable, and almost impervious to any extreme weather conditions. This is the reason why It is almost suitable for all types of places and situations such as offices, homes, hotels, and even outdoors. 

Teak trees that are ready to harvest can grow to a height of 150 feet on average with the best harvest age no less than forty years. The longer the harvest period the better the quality. Correspondently, prices will also be higher. On the other hand, if the teak harvest is less than thirty years it will affect the quality of the furniture. 

The teak furniture can last around fifty to seventy years. It can live more than 100 years with the proper care in how the owner cleans and uses the furniture. Not only the cleaning process, the right environment like the placement of the furniture based on its function whether it is indoors or outdoors. Whereas for outdoor furniture with extreme weather like snow, it can last up to thirty years. 

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