indonesia teak furniture – Teak furniture is one of the pieces of furniture that is currently in great demand. It has great interest to buyers today. The teak furniture is made from various types of teak wood material. When choosing the Jepara teak furniture you shouldn’t be careless. You have to choose good quality wood furniture. The following are the characteristics of quality Jepara teak furniture. 

Get to Know Genuine Jepara Carved Furniture with the Best Quality 

Jepara furniture is known for good wooden furniture quality. However, it will be much better if you know some tips for knowing the quality of the teak wood which brings you the truly high quality of Jepara teak furniture.

Pay Attention to the Width of the Board Joints 

The quality of the good teak furniture can be seen from the board connections. To find out the good width of the board joints, you can use the following three grade-type references, they are: 

Grade C 

The characteristics of grade C, it is mostly processed from folk teak trees which have a diameter of 17-25 cm, so that for the width of the teak furniture will be 15 cm. Normally, both basic materials and finishing materials use the form of melamine. 

Grade B

The raw material that craftsmen usually use for grade B is folk wood teak with a diameter of 25 to 35 cm, and the width of the wood is at least 20 cm. Apart from wood raw materials, the basic material for finishing uses Nitrocellulose or it’s best known as NC.  

Grade A 

Grade A of teak wood is the best among the other two. It comes from specially cultivated forests which are managed by the State Forestry Public Company. It grows on resident land, well managed plantation thus it has the best quality. It has a diameter of at least 30 cm, and the width is at least 25 cm. Finishing material for this grade uses Polyurethane or PU materials. It is specifically for high gloss orders with a shiny result.   

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Wood Fiber 

You can recognize the wood whether it is good or not from the wood fiber. The older the wood the better the quality. Furthermore, the more stable the cross-section of the resulting board is, reducing the possibility of shrinkage, warping, or cracking.

Don’t use teak wood which has lots of knots, the furniture will break easily. 

Type of Old Age Teak Wood

The older the wood the better the quality of the teak wood. The characteristics of the old teak wood can be seen from the fiber density. On the top piece of the wood, there are cambium forming rings where on the side the density of the cambium will look dense.  

Made the Furniture from the Dry Teak Wood 

The dry teak wood produces good quality teak furniture. Make sure the furniture isn’t produced from wet teak wood because, if it is wet, the furniture result will shrink easily, and break quickly and the construction will be sturdy. Besides, there is the possibility of becoming moldy.   

Check the Detailed Construction

In determining the Jepara teak curved furniture, you have to pay attention to how it is constructed, especially the connecting part on the table and chairs. The good teak wood with the well-constructed will produce the best teak furniture. Make sure the ending process of the furniture are smooth and neat, especially on the surface board and engraving. 

Well, that’s the explanation regarding how to recognize authentic Jepara carved furniture. Hopefully, the review is useful. If you would like to know more detail about teak furniture feel free to contact us here