Indonesia furnitureGetting wooden furniture for interior and exterior is a nice idea, but how does wooden furniture home not rot? Check out some great ideas below. Rotting is the case that happens to most home furniture made from wood. It is inevitable because, over time, wood loses its quality even though it depends on the type of wood. Therefore, it is crucial to know how does wooden furniture home not rot. It creates a long-lasting effect on the furniture.

Each wooden piece of furniture has different cases because some wood types are probably stronger and the rest are weaker. The lifespan of wood is different either. You may need some tips on how to make it not rot or at least make it slower than it should be rotten. Follow some guides below.

Top Solutions of How Does Wooden Furniture Home not Rot

Keep Your Environment Clean

It is an indirect action that will maintain the quality of your home furniture. It is because a dirty environment will bring a bad atmosphere around your area. After that, the moisture around the house is dirty either. The effect of bad air and bad moisture is your wooden furniture is rotting.

If you have a gutter around the house, the gutter should be always clean. Overflowing gutters with debris and dust will only collect rainwater more in it and severe moisture is formed. Make sure you are more prepared when the rainy season is coming because the maintenance should be extra.

Introduce to 7 Popular Woods from IndonesiaChecking Your Ventilation

If you put the wooden furniture indoors, it is crucial to make sure that the ventilation is proper. With good ventilation, the moisture level will not be bad. The air circulation is doing well. and the wood will not decay easily. At the same time, you have to avoid placing furniture in high-humidity rooms.

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Applying Decay Resistant

Decay resistant is the material that you have to apply on wooden furniture material. It is crucial as a solution to how does wooden furniture home not rot since this decay resistance works well to treat lumber. Thus, there are many good brands out there with competitive prices.

Avoid Placing High-Moisture Items

High-moisture items are bad stuff when placed next to wooden furniture. It invites mildew to the furniture and leaves wet traces on the surface of the furniture. Don’t put anything wet or humid if it is next to wooden furniture because it can rot faster.

Checking Some Rotting Signs

Rotting timber always gives you signs, so you have to be careful and check it properly. Checking your furniture should be on your annual agenda while checking other parts of your house. Besides furniture, check some wooden parts of the house, such as windows and doors.

If you find rotting signs on the door and window, it is a sign that the condition in your house has high humidity. Find out other problems that may cause high moisture because it is the main reason your home furniture is rotting.

It is easy to prevent the case of how does wooden furniture home not rot. You can follow the guidelines above to avoid it. However, some wooden furniture might be more unique, and the treatment should be special. Ask for more consultation and to make the furniture more sustainable.