jepara indonesia furniture – Wood furniture is one important element at home, but how can I make home my wood furniture last longer? Check some tips below to make it durable. Many homeowners love to put a lot of wood furniture in their houses because the nuance is nice and lovely. Wood is a natural material, so it gives a warm vibe to the interior. However, you have to do many things to make it durable. How can I make home my wood furniture last longer?

Sometimes, cleaning the wood furniture is not enough. You have to do more to protect the quality of the wood and also its polish. Wood furniture that lasts longer will not rot in less than ten years. Find out some methods to treat your wood furniture here.

How Can I Make Home My Wood Furniture Last Longer?

Placing The Wood Furniture in The Right Place

It is crucial if you love to collect wood furniture in your house. Placing it with sunlight exposure such as outdoors or next to the window will ruin its durability faster than it should. Heat and sun exposure are the reasons why the discoloration of the wood furniture surface occurs.

Discoloration is an issue that you cannot treat easily because you have to polish the furniture again. Making it to its original color is challenging. Therefore, planning to have wood furniture at home should be very careful. 

Adding Wax Layer

Furniture wax is made to protect wood furniture. It adds a layer to the surface of the furniture. It works with both old and new furniture without changing its color. It is an easy project that you can do without help. After that, you don’t have to maintain the furniture a lot for years.

There are two types of furniture wax if you consider this as how can I make home my wood furniture last longer. The first type is paste wax which is the best option for furniture that has a smooth surface. The second one is liquid wax for the furniture with grooves.

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Adding Varnish To The Surface

Wood varnish is one of the best solutions that you can apply to create sustainable wood furniture. There are two types of wood varnish, such as oil-based and water-based. Both types will create a barrier between the wood and stains or dirt. So, it ensures that the furniture surface lasts longer.

The oil-based varnish is the perfect option if you want to add a golden shade effect to the furniture. Yet, it might be different based on its original color. For the Water-based varnish, it does not give a special color effect. 

There are many brands out there that have a good impact. The good quality one always gives a durable finish and is water-resistant. Applying varnish to wood furniture is simple and you can do it yourself without asking a labor worker to do it.

After you know how can I make home my wood furniture last longer, which methods will you use for your furniture at home? If you have no idea about it, you can have a nice consultation with and find some solutions for it.