teak garden furniture – Does wood weaken with age? Yes, wood furniture will get weaker over time. It gets weaker due to various factors, such as exposure to weather elements, level of use, and lack of caring. Having wood furniture can enhance the look of your interior and exterior. This type of furniture, particularly that made of hardwood, is also durable and strong. Some say that hardwood furniture can last for generations when maintained properly. However, does wood weaken with age?

If it does, what can owners do to slow down the aging process? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you make your furniture last longer.

Does Wood Weaken with Age?

Hardwood furniture is unlike wine or cheese, which gets better with age. Does wood get weaker over time? In general, age works against wood. However, hardwood ages slowly. Therefore, homeowners may not notice the changes in their wood furniture. 

Moreover, older wood furniture may be stronger than when it was first purchased. Old wood furniture is stronger than the new one because it loses moisture over time. Losing moisture makes the wood harder than before.

However, many factors can weaken wood furniture over time. Insects or fungi that live in the wood furniture for a long time will weaken the wood. In addition, weather elements, such as humidity and sun exposure, can cause wood furniture to crack and split. Therefore, it gets weaker than before.

Best Choice Recommendations for Teak Wood Furniture for Modern Minimalist Home DesignsHigh levels of use will also cause discoloration, wear, and tear on wood furniture. The wear and tear on this furniture will cause it to be weaker.

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How does Wood Age?

Telling the difference between aging and new wood furniture is not always an easy task because some furniture pieces have painted finishes. However, you can easily recognize aging wood from its color on unfinished, oiled, or waxed wood furniture.

  • Cherry Wood: At the beginning, cherry wood is paler. After some time, this wood changes into a deep red color.
  • Oak Wood: Oak wood is available in a wide range of tones from pale pink to tan. Aging red oak has a rich and warm red tone. Meanwhile, the aging white oak turns into a beautiful golden wood.
  • Teak Wood: At the start, teak wood color is warm gold. However, time and sun exposure will turn this color into a silvery-gray patina.

Tips for Caring Hardwood Furniture

Proper care can prevent your aging wood furniture from getting weaker. Below are several tips to care for your wood furniture.

  • Don’t Expose your Wood Furniture to Direct Sunlight or Heat

Direct sunlight and heat exposure can cause wood furniture to discolor and suffer from warping. Therefore, you must keep it away from this exposure by closing the curtains or pulling the shades down.

  • Rotate Your Wood Furniture

Rotating your wood furniture can help it age evenly. In addition, you must also rotate the decoration on your wood furniture. This rotation will prevent rings and discoloration from occurring on the wood surface.

  • Clean Wood Furniture Regularly

Regular cleaning can enhance the look of your wood furniture and slow down the furniture’s aging process. It is essential to dust wood furniture at least twice a month. Moreover, you must immediately wipe away wet spots.

The methods of cleaning wood furniture depend on several factors, such as the type of varnish and wood species. In general, you must use mild soap, soft cloth, and minimal water to remove dirt and grime on wood furniture

  • Protect Wood Furniture

You can protect your wood furniture using varnish or wood oil. These products will prevent the wood from rotting, warping, and splitting. Therefore, it will not quickly lose its strengths. Does wood weaken with age? Yes, it is. However, you can do many things to slow down the aging process of your wood furniture. Nevertheless, you need to get new wood furniture if your old one is weakening. Please visit https://republicfurnitures.com/contact-us to consult your wood furniture needs.