Does wood weaken over time? Wood loses its strength over time because of various factors, such as moisture exposure, fungi, and direct sun exposure. Wood furniture is popular for its durability and strength. Therefore, many homeowners often take this furniture for granted. However, not all wood furniture pieces can meet their assumption. Over time, wood furniture may lose its quality. Does wood weaken over time?

Despite the durability and strength of wood, this material won’t last forever. Many factors can cause particular defects in wood furniture. Some of these defects may affect its strength.

Does Wood Weaken Over Time?

Does wood get weaker over time? Yes, it does. Aging may improve wood’s strength. This is because the moisture level in wood decreases over time. Losing moisture makes the wood stronger than before because dry wood has stronger fibers.

However, many factors will decrease wood’s strength and stiffness over time. As a result, wood furniture will get weaker after years of usage. Thankfully, this aging process takes many years. Therefore, wood furniture, particularly hardwood furniture, can last several decades.

In addition, proper care can slow down the weakening process in wood furniture. Several methods to preserve wood are as follows.

  • Applying wood oil at least once a year can prevent rot, wear, and tear that can weaken wood furniture. You may need to apply it more often on outdoor furniture or furniture in a dry environment, such as during a dry winter.
  • Keep your wood furniture away from direct sunlight and heat exposure. You can protect your wood furniture in several ways, such as applying varnish on its surface.
  • Clean your wood furniture by dusting or wiping it using a damp cloth.

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Factors Causing Weakening Wood

Many factors can cause wood furniture to lose its strength. Below are four of these factors.

  • Moisture Exposure

Is wood weaker when wet? Yes, it is. High water content in wood will soften the wood cells. Consequently, the stiffness and strength levels in wood will decrease. Therefore, outdoor wood furniture or wood furniture located in an area with high humidity will get weaker over time.

  • Fungi

Fungi infection can make wood furniture lose its strength. Fungi can cause various defects in wood. One of them is wet rot. 

Wood furniture that suffers from wet rot produces grayish-brown powder. This powder appears because fungi cause timber’s chemical decomposition. 

Wood furniture will have a high risk of suffering from wet rot if it is unseasoned. Moreover, improperly seasoned outdoor wood furniture is also vulnerable to fungi infection.

  • Insects

Insects, such as termites, can weaken wood furniture over time. Termites eat away the wood from the core and make tunnels through the wood. 

These insects may be present in wood furniture during the making process. This is because timber used for making the furniture may look sound when few termites live in it.

  • Sun Exposure

Direct sun exposure can cause discoloration and dryness on wood furniture. This discoloration will cause the furniture to look dull and unattractive, unlike the natural aging color of wood.

In addition, exposure to UV light can damage the wood fibers. Therefore, the wood will be prone to cracking. As a result, wood furniture exposed to direct sunlight will have an unattractive look and less strength.Does wood weaken over time? Yes, it does. The weakening process of wood furniture occurs quickly if you aren’t taking care of the furniture. Consequently, you must get new furniture when the older ones get weaker. You can get it by contacting Republic Furniture at