jepara indonesia furniture – People from various communities and backgrounds all over the world now know about the Ikigai concept. The concept of Ikigai which was born from Japanese philosophy prioritizes pleasure and the meaning of life for humans. It even spreads to the concept of the house and its interior. The four components that must be present in Ikigai such as passion, vocation, mission, and profession must complement each other.

The interior designers apply it using wooden furniture which is close to Japanese culture and has the right layout. Simplicity in wooden furniture designs with a little mess in motifs, the best raw materials that we can rely on, and lots of natural light is what they always put forward in each of their designs. 

Wooden Furniture to Create ‘Do What You Like’s

Waking up early is one of the simple things that makes people’s lives more lively. Just do things you like in the morning such as reading the newspaper on a simple wooden dining table, enjoying morning coffee on the balcony with some interesting snacks on the coffee table or just stretching on the teak wood bed. 

There are life goals that someone wants to achieve even from simple things like that. You just love what you do even if you just lie down on the sofa bed. You might think that if you lie down on a sofa bed with a soft cushion and sturdy frame for a few moments, you will be able to start the day well. 

Stress-free to achieve happiness is the key to this Ikigai concept. Therefore, all types of wooden furniture that you will place in several rooms in the house must carry the design and color that you like. That is the key to a simple happy life according to the Ikigai concept. Then by making wooden furniture part of the interior of an Ikigai house, our life expectancy will be longer. 

Next, how you store your items in the teak cupboard and how natural light enters through windows and then shines on paintings in a room are also elements of Ikigai that you must apply carefully.

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Wooden Furniture on Open Floors

Natural light is what an Ikigai house pursues every day. You can make open floors such as the ground floor, balcony, and rooftop to get healthy sunlight. The happiness of getting free benefits from nature is important. Therefore, you should not leave the rooftop empty. Provide beach chairs made of teak wood that are weather and termite-resistant. 

You can choose a simple but classy design with a long chair surface, a backrest with an appropriate slope level, and soft cushions along the seat. The earthy tone color is suitable for you to apply to this beach chair. If everything is ready, you can go upstairs to the rooftop to enjoy the morning light here.

So, what else do you want to do in this Ikigai house concept? You can contact us immediately to learn more about beautiful and simple wooden furniture designs.