Indonesia furniture – There are so many disadvantages of wooden furniture. You may already know because you have heard stories from many people or have experienced them yourself. Wooden furniture has a fairly high risk of burning. Wood is a natural material so it burns easily. If someone wants to use wooden furniture then he must keep his wooden furniture away from fireplaces at home and other flammable objects. Then there is a fire retardant coating that you can apply to the wooden furniture. 

Furthermore, wooden furniture is also quite susceptible to pests. Fungi and termites enjoy rotting wooden furniture. Especially it is old furniture in a damp area. Therefore, you need to carefully choose the type of wood for making furniture. 

Teak wood which contains natural oils is good at defending against termites, fungi, and other insects. This oil is toxic to these pests so your wooden furniture will not rot and remain in a stable condition. 

Old Wooden Beams for a Rustic Look in Your Study Room

High Price is an Obstacle

Most people’s opinion regarding the high price of wooden furniture influences the reasons they see a shortage of wooden furniture. However, those who can see the quality of wooden furniture often see that the price being more expensive than other materials is normal. This is the investment price they pay to have wooden furniture that will last tens or even hundreds of years. 

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Cutting the Shortcomings with Advantages

From the many disadvantages of wooden furniture, you will find satisfying advantages, right? Especially if you currently have a lot of trouble caring for metal furniture or plastic furniture that often gets damaged. Even after such regular maintenance, the slightest damage can ruin the shelf life of that furniture. 

However, this is different from wooden furniture. You just need to find solid wood material that requires less maintenance. You just need to clean the dust regularly with a clean dry cloth. Then you can polish occasionally to maintain the shine and durability of the wood. 

Teak wood is the hardest and best wood for custom furniture. You can even use teak wood logs to make a dining set consisting of a dining table and chairs. Find the right craftsman and you will be able to find valuable items for long-term investment. Teak wood is resistant to humidity and even extreme heat. 

However, you need to act wisely by not placing teak wood furniture very close to the fireplace. At least leave a distance of one meter between the three-seat teak wood sofa and the fireplace. Then if you put a teak wood coffee table and sun bed in the backyard, the bad weather like extreme rain or strong wind and sun exposure won’t damage them. 

It is profitable to have some teak wood furniture at home. So, you have to meet a professional craftsman to make it true. You can contact us to make custom wooden furniture. We will bring you quality and beauty design insurance. You can choose your designs then we will do the brainstorming to see the compatibility with your place.