jepara indonesia furniture – Teak wood is a popular material in the furniture industry because of its strength, durability, uniqueness and beauty. Jepara teak furniture is famous for its good quality and natural color. Jepara teak furniture has distinctive designs and styles, ranging from classic to traditional and modern and minimalist. There are various types of products such as chairs, coffee tables, dining sets, sofas, side tables, and many more. Those are produced for both indoor and outdoor use.

Recently, industrial growth has grown. 

Teak furniture products have more reputation both domestically and in the international market. Its quality and beauty have attracted the attention of many customers from various parts of the world; therefore, the teak wood craftsmen keep improving their skills and abilities and innovating to create modern furniture with a unique and minimalist design appearance.

Modern Teak Furniture Style

Generally, modern teak furniture was made at the end of the 20th century which is related to American furniture. It is different from traditional teak furniture with its curving specifications. Modern furniture has certain designs, styles, and requirements which are focused on function and simplicity. It has a minimalist impression as well. This type of teak furniture is often called modern style.

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Contemporary Teak Furniture Style

Contemporary teak furniture is well-known as modern and up-to-date. It is focused on design and style on a new type of style which is completely different from outdated styles but still retains some aspects of old furniture. Order furniture designs were created using accents on ornate furniture instead of functionality while in contemporary times, the aim is to provide a usable and sleek design.   

Material for Modern and Contemporary Teak Furniture

The creativity and innovation of teak wood craftsmen keep developing over time and of course, continue to be adapted to the market. They don’t only use solid wood, they create furniture from teak wooden units with the best quality combined with steel, leather, and woven rattan.

The advantage of solid teak wood is that it has intact grains which enhance its natural appearance. 

Additionally, it can stain and change its appearance. Leather is also a popular material for contemporary chairs. Especially woven rattan is used for the back of the sofa or the combination surface of the table. Another style, steel, is used in combination with thin sofas. So, what the craftsmen do is to create the best combination of those materials to be the best quality of teak furniture.

The area where designs are similar is a style for both modern and contemporary. Both follow symmetry, structure, and clean lines. Both have a nice, clean appearance and can be very durable, although modern is moved into the present as time goes by.

Modern and contemporary teak furniture designs are closely connected, the main differences depend on the design as well as the era of origin of these models. Wherever you try to differentiate modern and contemporary teak furniture, it has its characteristics of style and design.

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