teak outdoor furniture – The concept of a house resembling a villa in Bali is now growing like mushrooms in the rainy season inside various housing complexes and clusters. The green house concept generally has a natural feel with rocks, wooden furniture, flowing water and plants around the house which can bring freshness to your everyday mind.

The teak wood furniture that you place in your Balinese villa house doesn’t always have a classic design. You can create dynamic modern wooden furniture designs with attractive colors. You can also take advantage of the natural characteristics of solid teak wood with patterns that have grouts but support each other. The design that stands out will later form a contemporary modern rustic style and much more.

From the Exterior to Interior

You can start from the exterior of the house where there will be an interesting teak wood bench. This bench has a soft top with rectangular leather cushions. Then the bottom is a place to store any footwear and the middle is storage for whatever items you need.

Next, we move to the living room where there is a set of seating to welcome guests while looking at the open space opposite the living room. This open space has a swimming pool or a pond and various ornamental plants that refresh the view. You can arrange lounge simple chairs here and a coffee table to sit while feeding the fish.

Then don’t forget to look for references to wooden furniture designs for the dining room, bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen. Sometimes it is a good idea to have the barbeque party in the open space. So, you have to make this place like a dining room for a while. 

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The Communal Area Inside Balinese Villa

People love to gather inside the Balinese villa. You can make one or two communal spaces inside your home. Be aware always to place some best wooden furniture here to make the layout well. You can go with the design for a spacious communal area where you spread a soft fur carpet. Then you place a three-seater sofa or a large sofa bed on the carpet.

You have to estimate whether the seating with this superior design can accommodate all your guests or not. They can also sit on the carpet while sipping coffee from a wide round coffee table with a dense huge leg that resembles a curled up human body. This is a proof that wooden furniture design for Balinese villa must have a strong artistic touch but still be modern contemporary.

Apart from that, you can also fill the communal space with a collection of books on eccentric teak wood shelves. The design is diagonally attached to the wall and has a clear glass shelf covering. Next, you can also place a TV cabinet complete with video games to have fun while gathering.

So, if you need professional help to make some custom wooden furniture inside your Balinese villa concept house, you can contact us now. We will plan everything to make your home more comfy and feel like in Bali.