teak garden furniture – You may often encounter office interior designs that are too similar in several companies. If there is an office interior design that is different from the wooden furniture they use, you will immediately be able to recognize it. Using wooden furniture as part of the office interior can indeed add aesthetic value. Especially if your office interior design concept is contemporary eclectic.

The use of neutral colors in teak wood furniture and appropriate lighting support is the key to contemporary design concepts. This design increases the comfort of the room because of the use of monochrome or gray colors on the tables and chairs. Meanwhile, eclectic design has a mix of classic and retro popular styles. The colors that craftsmen apply to wooden furniture are usually attractive and contrasting.

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A Positive Mood from Wooden Furniture

Many office building owners order the colors that suit the contemporary eclectic designs. They believe a positive mood will appear the longer the employees are in the room. They also get an extraordinary new injection every time things get worse after a meeting with a client.

The contemporary and eclectic interior design of this wooden furniture also combines various elements to produce an aesthetic look. They use leather material as a seat cushion for a work chair. 

Then there is soft velvet material for the backrest and seating cushion on the director’s chair. You can also find metal and plywood materials on the tables, cabinets or office drawers as additional materials to make the look of teak wood furniture more classic or retro.

The designs for executive rooms, meeting rooms, and employee rooms are usually different. Executive rooms should use a more special design than other rooms.

Best Choice Recommendations for Teak Wood Furniture for Modern Minimalist Home DesignsHigh End Work Chairs for Executives

An executive’s work chair must be different from an ordinary employee’s chair. Even though he sits for hours in the room, and executive has to think about many things so that the business runs smoothly. High end chairs with arms that join the chair legs to form a trapezoid shape and white cushions made of soft leather are suitable for executives.

The teak wood which is the main material for this chair has a matte honey brown finish on the arms and legs. While the backseat and seat cushion are pure white. This is to give an eclectic contemporary impression. Then the executive’s work desk should not be too wide and not too narrow either. The consul table model with a thick top surface and complete with drawers for storing small items will be beautiful if it has four slim and tall legs.

Add a sideboard opposite the main desk close to the window. Beside the sideboard there is one seater sofa made of teak wood and soft silk fabric cushions. If the executive likes to receive VIP guests in his office, you can add a set of modular sofa complete with a long coffee table in the middle of the room.

So, if you have a plan to make custom contemporary eclectic wooden furniture designs for the office, you can contact us right away. We will brainstorm with you to arrange the best plan for all your rooms in the office.