Indonesia furniture – The new school year adds a new spirit for kids after the long holiday. Children are also excited to go to school because they will meet friends, teachers, and the school environment they have left for a long time. However, when they return home they easily feel bored. 

All the furniture looked worn out. They are too lazy to take out books from the cupboard and rearrange the writing utensils on the desk. Some others are reluctant to sit in the chair in front of the desk as its condition is a bit rickety. As parents who love our kids, we must act to raise kids’ spirits. 

Providing several pieces of furniture to encourage kids to study at home can be very fun. The new cupboard made of teak wood where children store books and toys will attract their attention. Then a new sturdy desk with a modern minimalist design will make them enthusiastic to do their school work. 

Making Custom Kids’ Room Furniture from Teak Wood 

Many people still think that teak wood furniture is out of date. They consider that only elderly people are suitable for teak wood furniture. However, if we want to look further into the furniture business, the use of teak wood has entered the flexible realm. 

You can find teak wood furniture on the terraces of five-star hotels with futuristic designs. On the other hand, the bedrooms in the apartment unit now also have a touch of teak wood. So, you can also make coffee tables, bookshelves, and kids’ desks from teak wood. 

People now can make custom furniture for their kids’ rooms so they are more enthusiastic about learning. Take the time to visit the craftsman near you and discuss about the design you want the most. For kids who tend to move actively, you can choose a round desk design where when they move here and there they can still see the boor or picture they are focused on.

Meanwhile, make a box-shaped desk with soft pastel colors and a footrest underneath. Kids will feel comfortable putting their feet on the step while doing tasks on the desk. Then you can provide a bookshelf that integrates with the bag and shoe storage cupboard. 

Make sure the height of the cupboard is appropriate to the child’s height. If you want to make your child train their muscles, you can also make a higher cupboard. Don’t forget to provide a step in front of it. Kids can climb the low-rise steps when they want to get books on the top shelf. 

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The Spirit Color of Kids Furniture

Always remember to adjust the color of the furniture to suit your kids’ souls. You don’t always give bright colors to the furniture in your kids’ room. However, using the natural color of teak wood is also too much for them. So, you can take a solution by combining two color elements for kids.

Apply soft pastel colors such as light brown, beige, and pink to your kids’ cupboard or desk. Then, colors such as teal blue, which has been trending recently, can be an option too. Meanwhile, matcha green and pistachio can also be alternatives. Especially if your children like to eat green tea ice cream. 

To make custom kids’ furniture, you can contact us anytime via this website. We will brainstorm all the designs you submit until we find the most appropriate design. However, everything requires adjustments to the room conditions and your child’s character.