Indonesia has a tropical climate and an archipelagic area with numerous forests that are still alive. Of course, with its large lush green regions, Indonesia offers numerous varied wood species of reasonably high quality that are well-known around the world. Then, what types of popular woods from Indonesia? Here are seven different varieties of Indonesian wood, each with a detailed description.

First Popular Woods from Indonesia, Teak Wood

Teak wood has a very good character for all house construction demands and offers the appearance of being opulent, magnificent, and fashionable. Furthermore, antique teak wood with a diameter of more than 25 cm is unquestionable of high grade.

Teak wood is also better in terms of aesthetics, with highly lovely and appealing patterns and threads. Teak has a high oil content, which lends wood strength when used as furniture. It is one of the popular woods from Indonesia with a high price.

Meranti Wood

Meranti wood is also known as Kalimantan wood since it grows in Kalimantan province. Although it may grow in any part of Indonesia, it grows best in Kalimantan. Meranti is mostly utilized in the manufacture of sills, furniture, and panels. The wood stalk may reach a height of 70 meters and a diameter of 4 meters or more. The Latin name is Mahony Philippine, and it comes in a reddish-brown tint with no grain or vein.

Sandalwood, Popular Woods from Indonesia

Sandalwood is one of the indigenous tree species found in the Province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). Sandalwood is popular wood in Indonesia because it is a form of wood that has a lovely scent. The smell is produced by the chemical found in the tree’s stems and roots.

Sandalwood is another popular wood from Indonesia. This is due to large-scale logging, which has occurred since 1980, as well as forest fires. This is when there is no replanting attempt to keep the amount of sandalwood growing stable.

Mahogany Wood

Mahogany wood may also be used as a suitable construction material. Mahogany is intended for usage Indonesia indoors furniture . This is because the durability and strength of this wood are not very great, making it prone to termites and weather changes.

The red color of the wood, its lovely texture, the wood grain that seems straight and sturdy, and the pricing are what make this wood appealing. Mahogany wood is commonly used for indoor or outdoor furniture.

Popular Woods from Indonesia, Ulin Wood

Ulin wood is one of the popular woods from Indonesia that has a stronger wood fiber than other types of Indonesian wood. That is why it is often used as the fundamental material for building a house or ship in Indonesia. Ulin wood is extremely durable and can withstand significant weather changes, water, and termites. As a result, it is ideal for use as a fundamental material in the construction of Indonesian ships.

As one of the realities of the Sumatran rainforest, ulin woods usually grow and sell in the forests of Kalimantan and Sumatra. It has the potential to grow up to 50 meters tall and 1 meter in diameter. Its incredible resilience and gorgeous pattern of wood fiber on it make it ideal for crafts and art.

Camphor Wood

Camphor wood has a unique odor. This wood’s fibers are silky and provide a lovely feel. This wood is also resistant to insect infestations, and its lower weight than teak gives it a unique edge. Camphor wood, like other woods, may be utilized as an alternative high-quality timber for building components. Camphor wood as popular woods from Indonesia is commonly used in the manufacture of doors and windows because it has reasonably high durability at a low cost. Its for outdoor indonesia furniture

Ebony Wood, Popular woods from Indonesia

Ebony wood is one of the varieties of Indonesian furniture manufacturer woods that grows well in Kalimantan. It becomes the rarest form of Indonesian wood safeguarded by the Indonesian government and the IUCN, the world’s largest tree protection organization.

Around 1973, Indonesia was listed as the largest exporter of ebony wood. They marketed the wood to Japan, Europe, and the United States, helping Indonesia become so prominent at the time. As time passes, Eboni wood becomes increasingly scarce since the growth is tough to resist when the weather changes. Ebony wood is commonly used for the materials of a piano, guitar, or violin. It is another popular woods from Indonesia.