indonesia teak furniture – Many people have succeeded in imitating the minimalist Gandare house concept with a striking design. Especially the look of the facade which is attractive and modern. Meanwhile, the interior of this house is all about wood which dominates almost all the rooms. This is to highlight the traditional Japanese impression. 

No wonder the homeowners with the Gandare concept are diligent in hunting for wooden furniture. They want to adjust the interior look to the concept of the house. Gandare houses, which are generally small and narrow, do not necessarily discourage them from highlighting wooden furniture in their interiors. 

By using natural lighting from the sun through open windows, the natural color of the wooden table and chairs will look beautiful during the day. You can rely on teak wood, which is the main material. The texture of this wood is hard with beautiful fine lines on the surface.

Professional craftsmen like using this wood because of the satisfaction in the result. Therefore, you can determine your design and color for the teak wooden furniture in your Gandare house.

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Wooden Furniture on the Ground Floor

Gandare house usually has 3 floors with a curved facade at the bottom as if it were a canopy for the bottom floor. On the ground floor, you can place a teakwood storage box for couriers and postmen to place letters or packages. Then passing through the main entrance we will find a wooden shoe rack that has a cover and at the top becomes a spot to sit casually when you have to wait for someone to pick you up. 

On the ground floor, there is also a bathroom, dressing room, and storage room. You will find the bathroom and dressing room close to each other near the main entrance. This dry bathroom has an aesthetic wooden towel rack that you can paint bone white. Then we go to the dressing room where there is a wall closet that stores all your clothes and shoes. In this place, there are also teak wood tables and benches with simple designs where you can sit while choosing the clothes you will wear that day. 

Then we step into the storage room which is quite minimalist so it looks like a wall cabinet but you can enter it like a bedroom. Here you will store dry food ingredients, cooking utensils, and other equipment according to your routine needs.

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Wooden Furniture You Need on the Next Floor

The second and third floors will have a connection like a mezzanine floor where on the second floor there is a kitchen and living room. This living room is also a dining room which has a minimalist dining table with a simple square design and four wooden dining chairs with backrests. 

Meanwhile, the teak wood bed on the third floor contains a low platform design without legs. You can put a mattress on top of it. Next to the bed, there is a nightstand table for you to store small items or do assignments with an additional lamp. 

Well, it’s not too easy to arrange the layout of the interior inside the Gandaren house. You need professional help to guide you to have some custom wooden furniture that suits your room the most. You can call us to help you now. We have a team to make your wish come true.