Jepara furniture – Using varnish to beautify wood is a common thing that craftsmen do. They usually provide a touch of varnish to the furniture at the finishing stage. The look of the wood becomes more attractive and this can protect the furniture longer. You can also apply varnish to old furniture that has lost color and is worn out. 

When choosing varnish, you have to make sure the type suits the furniture. Whether this is varnish for indoor, or outdoor furniture, teak wood, typical Jepara with carvings furniture, or furniture for valuable collections. However, some people who renew old furniture for exhibition often use acrylic varnish or resin for the plastic finishing look. 

Old Teak Wood with Natural Resin

A large number of wood craftsmen make furniture from teak wood. In Indonesia, there are Jepara craftsmen who use teak wood as their identical furniture. The older the teak wood, the higher the selling price. You may find teak wood aged more than 50 years can cost thousands of dollars. 

Even though the process of making teak wood furniture is quite difficult, the craftsmen do not easily give up or become discouraged. They still make classy furniture even though their equipment often becomes dull quickly in the process. Teak wood contains resin as natural teak wood oil which makes the coating quite hard. 

For some hundred years, the natural color of teak wood will fade. The natural resin also disappears inch by inch to protect itself. When the rainy season comes, groups of fungi and termites are ready to attack furniture with this ethnic aura. Especially if you place teak wood furniture on the terrace, backyard, or garden. 

When you store the furniture until it becomes old and worn out, you also have to know how to restore the ‘youth’ of teak wood. 

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How to Apply Varnish For Old Furniture

Varnishing is the easiest and fastest way you can do it to renew your old furniture. One coat of varnish on old furniture can give the wood twice the ‘youth’. apart from that, your teak wood will also receive stronger protection more than its natural resin protection. 

You need to do a little research before finding the most appropriate varnish for your old furniture. You can choose water-based acrylic wood varnish. This type of varnish usually dries faster, doesn’t emit a strong odor, and is easy to apply. The final color of this varnish application is transparent with a long-lasting shine. 

Meanwhile, for old furniture that has been outside, you can choose shellac varnish. Then, if you want to add a particular color to this old teak wood furniture, you can use sanding sealer and wood stain. 

You can start by applying sanding sealer and then wood varnish to get a beautiful and even transparent effect. The next step is to apply wood stain to sharpen the color of your old furniture.

If you have no idea how to varnish your old furniture right now, do contact us via this website. We will be your helping hand to make your old furniture become a valuable vintage one.