Sun Lounger is one of the right choices for those who want to relax while sunbathing enjoying the warm morning sun. Everyone certainly wants to feel relaxed, a calm atmosphere as well as releasing fatigue, so that after sunbathing, the body also feels refreshed and fit.

Wherever the place is, the sun lounger is able to give its own impression, whether it is placed at the poolside, on the beach or placed behind the yard. By sunbathing on a sun lounger, we can enjoy the warmth of the sun, absorb its benefits, and can relax and get away from stress, everyday fatigue.

The Benefits of Sunbathing with a Sun Lounger

There are many benefits that can be taken when sunbathing using a sun lounger both physically and mentally, including the following things:

1. Vitamin D synthesis

By sunbathing on a sun lounger, we get the benefit of being able to trigger the production of vitamin D which is useful for the body, which is known to have the function of maintaining bone strength, regulating proper calcium levels, and supporting the immune system. Spending time sunbathing with a sun lounger, we will get all of these benefits to the fullest.

2. Stress relief and relaxation

Relaxing with a sun lounger, can release tension and help the body achieve a relaxed, calm and peaceful atmosphere. The mood becomes better, thus affecting peace of mind, being able to relieve anxiety and also reduce symptoms of depression.

3. Physical relaxation

Physically, by relaxing, lying down on a sun lounger, is able to provide physical freshness for relaxation of the whole body, including muscles to become more relaxed, eliminate a calm atmosphere and release tension, so that overall it can increase a feeling of well-being.

4. Enhanced sleep quality

Enjoying the warmth of the sun on the sun lounger during the day, brings benefits so that at night, sleep becomes more restful, sleep becomes more quality, because it is able to regulate sleep cycles and wake cycles so that walking becomes more regular.

5. Increased serotonin production

Another benefit of sunlight helps increase the production of the hormone serotonin, which is useful for increasing feelings of happiness and well-being. The mood becomes better so as to avoid negative feelings, it can lead to overall satisfaction.

6. Connection with nature

A sun lounger can provide a longer experience of being close to nature, enjoying the natural atmosphere for a longer time while being able to feel and appreciate all the elements that exist, such as the beautiful scenery around, the sound of natural birdsong or other natural sounds, the fresh scent of the outdoors, all of which can evoke respect for the environment.

7. Social interaction and bonding

Sunbathing in outdoor areas, meeting people such as family, colleagues or other people, thereby opening opportunities for socializing, strengthening relationships, establishing social bonds with them. Of course, this is able to warm the atmosphere, build a shared experience which of course becomes more enjoyable.

8. Improved circulation and muscle health

Sunbathing using a sun lounger can improve blood circulation so that it is better, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and organs of the body that need it, reducing muscle tension, being able to reduce inflammation, improving overall muscle health.

9. Personal time and self-care

Sunbathing using a sun lounger gives yourself the opportunity to give yourself more time, escape from the hassle of work, technology and other distractions. This provides opportunities for self-care, self-reflection to personal time, so as to allow the body to recharge and rejuvenate.

sun loungerVarious Types of Sun Lounger

Sun Lounger has several types, which are selected according to needs and personal preferences. This is also adjusted according to where the sun lounger is located. Here are some types of them:

1. Classic Loungers

A classic style sun lounger, has a flat surface appearance plus a backrest, has a variety of styles and designs to choose from. This type is made of a choice of various materials such as wood, wicker or metal, has a timeless and elegant appearance, functionally as well as providing optimal comfort.

2. Poolside Loungers

This type of sun lounger is specifically designed for use on poolside swimming pools, so the materials it is made of must also anticipate this situation, so that the materials are waterproof such as plastic, mesh or quick-drying fabrics, including having adjustable backrests, built-in pillows that further provide comfort. .

3. Folding Loungers

A practical choice, chairs that can be folded, suitable for outdoor activities and easy to move, put in a car and take anywhere needed. This makes it very easy to store so it is also suitable for taking on sightseeing trips, taking a rest at the destination by laying it out easily.

4. Hammock Loungers

It has a combination of functions between the experience of using a sun lounger and the soft swing of a hammock, resulting in a unique relaxing experience. This relaxing experience is very unique, you can choose your own place where to be placed, at two points of support.

5. Chaise Lounges

is an elongated form of sun lounger including the seat and extends to support the upper body and legs. The backrest can be adjusted according to the most comfortable position for lying or sitting. There are several choices of materials for making chaise lounges, for example made of wood, metal or padded upholstery.

6. Canopy Loungers

The Sun Lounger is equipped with built-in canopies and umbrellas, providing shade when needed, protection against too hot sun. This is to provide options, how to take advantage of the most needed sunlight.

7. Double Loungers

This design is designed to accommodate two people in one form of outdoor furniture, being able to sit close to people we know, relaxing with great intimacy, has the feature of being able to adjust its position, changing the short length to further provide a sense of comfort as needed.

8. Inflatable Loungers

has portable properties, before use it is pumped first, practical because after use it is immediately deflated and then stored easily, so it can also be easily carried anywhere. The surface is comfortable, buoyant in nature, asymmetrical in shape, ergonomically following the shape of the body, very soft, made of durable PVC material.

9. Ergonomic Loungers

The Sun Lounger pays great attention to ergonomic factors, in order to provide more optimal comfort for its users, so they can rest and relax longer. The lying position is easy to adjust, plus pillows to make it more comfortable, especially the contours following the natural curves of the body, so that the body relaxes optimally.