teak garden furniture – People decide to work in coworking spaces for several reasons. They not only need a new atmosphere besides the room at home but also other things. They need calm, interesting places that bring inspiration and much more. They will look for coworking spaces that are unique and different from the ordinary ones because they can reduce boredom from their perspective.

The placement of a number of wooden furniture with unique designs and attractive colors really gives an impact to the vibe of a coworking space. People might label this coworking space as a place that is instagrammable and can make your tiredness melt away in the midst of chasing deadlines with relentless focus.

At other times users can label this place artistic with its uniqueness. Perhaps from the choice of bench design, carvings on the table, and the layout of the cabinets in the room. If you currently have plans to rearrange the furniture layout or replace the wooden furniture in your coworking space, you can start looking for references from craftsmen you can rely on.

Placement of Unique Wooden Furniture for Coworking Space in Accordance with the Concept

What a Unique Design!

Maybe there are still many people who think that a coworking space is just a place to complete tasks on a laptop. You just come to sit and focus for hours and then leave when dusk approaches. 

This opinion seems to discourage craftsmen from creating unique designs to build a more attractive situation. However, if people truly understand how beautiful the human sense of sight is, they will pursue it.

You may already be familiar with the stool bar chair design in a coworking space. At other times, the owner of this coworking space changed the design of his chairs to a hanging pod chair with or without a stand. 

This hanging chair, which is inspired from a hammock or eggs in a rattan basket, can provide a comfortable and relaxing touch to your coworking space. One person will occupy a hanging pod chair and use a teak wood table with an elegant modular or semi-circular design.

You have to chase people who will say: What A Unique Design! When they see the shape of the chairs and tables in your coworking space. This hanging pod chair should use teak wood material for the seat and metal for the stand to further strengthen it. Meanwhile, if you want to make a backseat from rattan, that could also be the best choice.

However, you make a chair that looks like a hanging egg shell from just one teak wood material.

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Move the Outdoor Conditions Inside

The outdoor concept that you move into the coworking space can also add its own uniqueness. People who are always doing everything inside often miss whatever is outside. So, you can move outdoor concepts such as placing wooden beach benches into the interior of the coworking space.

You can design beach lounge chairs made of teak wood as compactly as possible in a room that is a place for more than ten people to work. The seat is rectangular in shape for one person to sit with a wooden back with a latticework. Then you can place soft pads along the backseat to the seat so that the user is comfortable when they have to work on the laptop.

Users can lean their backs and straighten their legs on the chairs. If they have to sit upright to conduct a teleconference with a client, they can pull out a round coffee table with Jepara carvings on the legs as a place for them to put the laptop. Meanwhile, there will be no beach umbrellas in this room. You only need to provide a teak wood stand for the lamp.

So, if you need a spectacular idea on your unique wooden furniture in a coworking space, you can contact us now. We will guide you to have a special design to connect with the concept.