Jepara furniture – What furniture do you usually use to store anything in your home or office? Those are sideboards, cupboards, cabinets, buffet, and credenzas, right? All of this furniture is similar in appearance and function that when you come to the store, you will be confused about the difference. To make it easier, you just need to think about the details. 

Cupboards or shelves usually have a cover or sometimes not for storing items. You can immediately put any item into the cupboard without thinking twice because the cupboard is a type of closed storage furniture. Meanwhile, if you store items on shelves, you need to think about the decorative elements because the shelves are always without a cover. 

Furthermore, storage furniture at home or in the office can also be in the form of credenzas, cabinets, sideboards, and buffets. These three models of furniture look different in terms of size. The size of all three is generally slightly higher than the dining table. Then the material to make all types of storage furniture is wood. When it comes to strength and durability, teak wood is the best in its class. 

Credenza for Dining Room Cupboard

Americans usually call the cupboard in the dining room a Credenza. They use this cupboard to serve buffet food. People can get their meals from this cupboard and then bring plates containing all the dishes to the dining table. Some people who are close to art and love the beauty of decoration also use the credenza as wooden furniture to store aesthetic serving plates.

Displaying decorative serving plates sometimes only requires a smaller credenza than a sideboard. Credenzas usually come in a boxy design with very short legs or none at all. There is a shelf in the middle and there are glass cabinets on both sides. Then the top of the credenza is an area for placing hit dishes. Therefore, teak wood is very good as the main material for making custom credenza. 

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Typical Swedish Buffet

Wooden furniture that you can find in dining rooms in European countries is a buffet. A buffet is usually a banquet table that has long legs and is always in the dining room. 

You can utilize wooden buffet furniture to serve large dishes. All countries around the world have finally recognized the buffet as a wide table cupboard with high legs that serve self-service food for guests and families to reach easily.

Buffet designs can vary such as rustic, classic, or modern temporary. On the buffet table, there is a tablecloth that covers the dishes. Using teak wood as the main material for making a custom buffet doesn’t seem to require a tablecloth because of the beautiful natural motif that appears on the surface of the buffet.

So, maybe you want to make credenza, buffet, cabinets, or sideboards custom to decorate your room now. You can contact us immediately. We will show you some designs of storage furniture that we have made for some clients in several countries. Then we will do the brainstorming before deciding what best design suits your interior concept.