Why is teak furniture popular in Indonesia? Teak wood is a tropics hardwood widely used for Indonesia furniture, particularly in Java, Indonesia. A Teak tree could grow up to 40 meters high with a diameter of around 1-2,4 meter. Since this trees are cut down long before the furniture to be made by sadly these diameters are found. The diameters utilized in Java are typically maximum 40cm. A teak tree’s leaves are oval with dimensions from 15 to 45 centimeter. Small white flowers with a nice odor grow on the tree. Teak wood’s color is between gold and brown.

As ages and the wood dries the color will become dark. Will turn to gray after exposure. Teak’s sapwood is yellow that is white. The sapwood is not suitable for use and softer. There a lot of oil in walnut wood that protects it. The wood has lines this is the oil’s path. Origin – our teak comes from government plantations in Java, Indonesia. The government controls. This way the woods could be protected. Each log gets. Uses – Teak wood is mainly used for outdoor furniture, but additionally a lot for top quality indoor furniture.

Why is teak furniture popular in Indonesia?

In addition for boat decks and flooring it’s used a lot due to its strength. To get the looks of walnut timber for a lower price many companies also use walnut veneer. That is a thin layer of 1 mm teak wood, which is glued on a cheaper species of wood, or onto plywood. Teak is also a very popular timber species to utilize in doors and window frames because it you withhold any weather. Teak wood timber grows on many places in this world.

The teak wood we use really is native to Indonesia. The teak wood tree could grow up to 50 meter tall. The stems in Indonesia typically have a diameter of max 60cm. The leaves of this teak tree have been pinnate with a length of approximately 40cm. Teak trees have small fruits of about 3cm which contain seeds and cannot be eaten. It is originally colored gold. Teak timber, from plantations protected plantations.

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