Indonesia is a country that has a lot of unique and interesting products. Some products in this country are even difficult to obtain in other countries. Therefore, it is not surprising that many foreign people are interested in getting the original unique product from Indonesia. Nevertheless, among the many products, there are several lists of the most popular Indonesian product. For more details on the products, check the following paragraphs.


The most popular Indonesian product on our list is, of course, batik. Despite a debate surrounding Batik because of a claim, the authority of UNESCO has eventually designated Batik as one of Indonesia’s heritages.


With so many different motivations, you may choose your favorite one based on the colors or the great motives it has. Even some of them were born in various methods, either printed or by hand using a technique called Canting. You could also try one of those; it wouldn’t harm you.

Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is another list of the most popular Indonesian product. Some of them went on to become high-quality artists. Even though the underlying component is relatively simple, they may turn discarded wood into high-quality items such as furniture that are popular among many people. Indonesia furniture is the best furniture in the world, because it has various types of wood that can be produced, one of which is teak.

You can only obtain this specific word furniture here. Mainly for those looking for teak wood furniture, or mahogany furniture. Most wood furniture uses material origin wood from Indonesia. Therefore, it gives better quality compared with typical wood furniture from other countries in the world.

teak wood

Stone Carving

Stone art is a three-dimensional human endeavor that is recognized explicitly as a work of art. A statue is an artificial body of a form that is sculpted because antiquity’s sculptors utilized a variety of sculpting techniques.

Stone carving is a form of stone art and has become the most popular Indonesian product sought after by many foreigners. Therefore, many tourists visiting Indonesia country interest to get some small stone carvings and collect them.

Wayang (Indonesian Puppet)

The term wayang refers to a wide range of Indonesian theatrical genres. It is a part of the Indonesia heritage show. Wayang figures appear in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, such as pictorial scrolls, shadow puppets, rod puppets, masked figures, and puppets twice the height of a person. Wayang is the initial phrase for most genres, denoting a type of traditional theater using or based on puppets.

The most popular Indonesian product
The most popular Indonesian product

It mainly refers to the exposition of a tale cycle, such as the Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata (Purwa), Islamic (Menak, meaning “aristocratic”), or historical chronicles of East Javanese royal Panji, grasscutter-turned-prince Damar Wulan, and wali (saints).

Silver Crafts

Another item that is also part of the most popular Indonesian product is silver crafts. Many countries in Indonesia such as Yogyakarta or Bali provide these kinds of crafts for tourists. The quality of Indonesian silver craft is not only good but also unique. That is why this is one of the products that are sought after by many tourists while visiting Indonesia country.


Painting as an art form emerged in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and includes batik paintings, highly stylized paintings of Bali depicting rural and traditional life, as well as modern oils and acrylics. Raden Saleh, a well-known Indonesian painter, commands high prices on the international market and at auctions in Singapore and Jakarta. Therefore, painting is the most popular Indonesian product that has been known in many countries in the world.

Traditional Toys

The congklak, or dakon board game, was brought to Indonesia years ago by Indian or Arab traders. This game has been played in Indonesia for generations and is made Congklak Board from plastic or wood, or beautifully carved by court artists. Early congklak board examples may be seen at the National Museum.

Traditional toys may be found all around the archipelago, and excursions into the provinces will reveal numerous modest toys manufactured by locals for their children. These are available in the local market, roadside vendors, and tourist attractions.

That is the most popular Indonesian product that is already known in various countries in the world. So that these products successfully attract the attention of buyers from various countries. Thanks to the quality and uniqueness that each of the above products brings. It is indirectly giving more income to the Indonesian people and more economic raise in the end.

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