Solid Teak Furniture is the mainstay of the highest quality raw material for manufacturing, so that it produces the most desirable final product. The first choice for Indonesian Furniture users, especially more favorite for outdoor furniture. High quality wood was chosen among a variety of other types, especially especially the production of factories in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Solid Teak is very sturdy, stable and has a solid structure. has high levels of oil and rubber, so in addition to being sturdy, it also has resistance to extreme weather, pest or insect disturbance, and also has a natural and beautiful appearance, very suitable as a choice of outdoor furniture, such as garden, patio, pool side or other places.

Solid Teak Furniture has always been a favorite, especially because of its luxurious, elegant appearance, the gradation of its natural color is perfect, resulting in the appearance of a beautiful and charming finish. Teak solid textures and grooves are also rarely found in other woods, especially if you have Grade A, aka the highest level of quality. Solid Teak also has a sustainable production, is very functional and its durability is a guarantee of quality. This can not be separated because solid already has regularity in the cultivation system, so do not worry about running out. Moreover, because it is durable, it can even be a property forever, it can even be passed on to children and grandchildren. Even used teak solids can still be reproduced into new furniture products.

Solid Teak has always been the choice to make premium quality of Indonesia Furniture. Made from Javanese teak, its quality is known because it has been developed regularly hundreds of years ago, since the Dutch era controlled the Indonesian earth. Especially for Indonesia Furniture, only uses the best quality, Grade A, super Grade to triple A Grade, which is the highest level. This is different from other companies which sometimes polish their teak which is not as quality as ours, with veneer polish or other materials to make it look like our quality. We do not use it because our raw materials have been chosen strictly.

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solid teak furniture

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