Javanese Furniture, the best collection from Indonesia Furniture for interior, exterior, antique style design, made of high quality teak wood. The masterpieces created by Jepara artists, skills passed down from generation to time, depict the distinctive features of Javanese culture, Indonesia can now be enjoyed internationally. Javanese Furniture can feel ethnic nuances, because they always prioritize aesthetic factors, historically being able to provide beauty and comfort in a traditional, elegant and classy feel.

Javanese interior and exterior furniture can be ordered in the city of Jepara, the center for Indonesian furniture antique crafts. A hereditary handicraft center, complete with equipment and facilities and infrastructure, of international quality, capable of mass-producing furniture orders, fulfilling wholesale demand, but still prioritizing quality factors. Most of the raw materials for making Javanese furniture are made from teak wood which is known for its strength, durability and beauty. Apart from these materials, you can also use other alternatives, for example mahogany, acacia wood and other quality woods.

Buying Indonesia furniture in Java, of course, cannot be separated from the city of Jepara, as the largest Javanese furniture producer in Indonesia. The collection of very popular bedroom furniture, living room, family room, to the front room are all fully available and have their own characteristics from original Javanese products. A fantastic and classy collection can always be found here, catering to international tastes. The manufacturing and production processes are always characterized by Javanese accents, because the makers are also native Javanese people. In addition to the interior, you also produce exteriors, Javanese furniture for outdoor purposes, such as in gardens, terraces or other parts of your home page, you can create Javanese accents that are so beautiful and elegant.

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