Indonesia furniture – Every room in the house must have wooden furniture which is additional furniture to complement certain main furniture. You may have a side table in the living room where you usually use this small table to put some magazines or newspapers. Then there is the ottoman chair or puffle chair which is a short chair that usually becomes a footrest when you sit relaxed on a higher chair or sofa.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, we have a kitchen island which is an additional table in the middle of the kitchen. When you cook for a big meal, this additional wooden furniture makes things easier. The name ‘island’ appears to refer to this additional furniture because this table occupies around 40 percent of the kitchen area. The models of kitchen islands are also unique and vary. Some are curved, around, or resemble the angle peninsula kitchen design. 

Some additional wooden furniture also has the same sturdy material as other furniture. The durability of teak wood protects the use of this additional furniture so that you don’t quickly replace it with a new one because it is broken, for instance. The uses for this additional furniture are also many and you can drag it to another room easily because its size is not too big.

Puffy Lounge Chair

This is just an ordinary wooden lounge chair with a backrest and armrest that you can place anywhere. What makes it different is the design which combines a puffle chair with a sofa. There is a part of the cushion that has a tongue sticking out to the right and left side past the armchair. You can remove this cushion part when you only need the wooden chair to sit carelessly on the terrace.

Meanwhile, in winter, you can curl up on this chair with its warming cushion. This puffy lounge chair is eye-catching and interesting as an aesthetic photo prop for your model or products that you are going to promote.

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Teak Wood Bedside Table

This small table which has a design resembling a cupboard with several drawers could be your next target for additional furniture. This is indeed the nightstand next to your bed. With a square design with two small drawers and one wide drawer under the table, you have an additional piece of wooden furniture that you can rely on. 

You can use it to put anything that you have to grab as soon as you wake up such as glasses, a phone, a wallet, and a watch. Then you can store handkerchiefs, accessories, socks, and stationery in the drawer. You can also take this table to the middle of the room as a foothold when you have to replace a broken bedroom lamp. 

Sturdy teak wood is the main material for making this special bedside table. So, you do not worry about its durability.

So, what other additional wooden furniture do you want to make custom? You can contact us now and we will make it for your wish.