jepara indonesia furniture – Furniture craftsmen rely on the availability of wood which is a natural material with strength, light weight, and ease of following the design. If we focus on the durability of wood as a furniture material then we don’t need to look too far. Look at the tree with its interesting philosophy. 

One teak tree can withstand a huge force that attacks it so strongly. Bad weather, wind, and even natural disasters are powerful forces that can paralyze large objects around them. However, wood-producing trees such as teak trees have their level of resistance. 

Maybe you wonder about that level of resistance. Wood is an arrangement of cells that are thin, long, and strongly glued together. The cell walls come from cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin. They adhere to each other in a perfect longitudinal arrangement to form a strong cell wall. 

When people use the cells to make furniture, then the final product will have structural strength and long-life durability. It is not surprising that several log products are also suitable to be the building materials.

Defeating Rot and Natural Attacks

A wood that has strong durability will be the target of many people. Whether they are a group of furniture craftsmen, entrepreneurs, or a group of people who are planning the construction designs using wood materials. 

Durability in the world of woodworking is not just about its ability to withstand dents and scratches. This is also about the wood’s ability to defeat the decay of the elements within itself and attacks from nature.

Decay of elements within itself or degradation often occurs as a result of mold that builds up due to cycles of high rain and humidity. Termites and borer insects can also help the wood decay or weathering process quickly. Different types of wood also provide different levels of natural resistance to natural attacks and self-decomposition due to destructive organisms. 

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Magical Oil of Teak Wood

One type of wood that is resistant to natural attack and degradation is teak wood. This solid wood is resistant to termites, fungi, and other insects because it contains certain oils in its body. The older the tree, the more the amount of oil increases. 

This oil protects teak wood for hundreds of years so that termites and fungi cannot control it. Then the appearance of teak wood looks luxurious and classy because of its natural layer of oil. Furniture designs for teak wood can also be diverse. You can follow traditional, rustic, vintage, or modern temporary designs while still highlighting luxury and solidity. 

Those who already know the characteristics of teak wood usually let its natural motifs shine without additional coatings. However, you can still apply a certain color of wood paint to match the wooden furniture to the color of the wall paint, lighting, and floor color.

To bring durable wood into your furniture designs you need professional help. You can contact us now to work on the project of making custom wooden furniture for any occasion. We will provide all you need and you will get what you wish for so long.