teak garden furniture – People seem to choose wooden furniture more often than other materials because of the unique properties of wood. The unique properties of wood that stand out are its durability, strength, sustainability, and versatility. This makes wood the only excellent candidate choice for making various types of furniture. Especially teak wood which is an obvious choice as a form of long-term investment.

Teak wood is hard and has unique motifs on its surface, which is a timeless attraction. As if this natural material is nature’s best offering for the last generation. If today you find teak wood furniture such as wooden tables or chairs at a vintage market or flea market, then it is likely the wooden furniture product that has been around for decades or even hundreds of years.

People cannot make the imitation of the beauty of genuine teak wood. If you try to shine a light on the surface down to the core of the wood, you will find naturally mature material with perfect curling lines. This is the true character of teak wood that grows naturally. Modern forestry management has its standards for harvesting wood so that the teak wood environment remains sustainable.

Termite Resistant Wooden Furniture

The threat of insects that like to eat wood always lurks in various properties. This is a termite that can cut a big piece of wood. There are microbes in the stomach of termites that can break down any cellulose they swallow into smaller forms. Termites are excellent at doing this. 

However, teak wood is a big enemy of termites. Teak wood has smaller pores and a denser texture than other types of wood. This natural condition prevents insects and termites from entering. Termites also cannot damage teak from its outer surface. Several studies have also been produced in journals that reveal that inner teak wood has a high resistance to termite attacks. 

This is quite surprising because teak wood contains a toxic substance i.e. tectoquinone. Termites hate this toxic substance. Teak wood furniture will have no damage quickly and is long-lasting because it always manages to defeat termite attacks. 

Even so, you still have to be vigilant and diligently maintain the room temperature so that it doesn’t become damp. A damp room easily attracts mold and termites. Then you can also carry out easy routine maintenance on wooden furniture by wiping the surface with a clean soft cloth. Occasionally you can also do a little new coating on your wooden furniture.

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Skillful Craftsman

You should be grateful if the craftsman who works with you chooses teak wood as the main material for making custom wooden furniture. This wood is hard so it is less likely to warp or crack due to changes in temperature and humidity. The finish of hardwood is also more beautiful than softwood. This makes teak wood furniture have a more classy appearance. 

The professional craftsman knows well that precise work results in grandeur and unique masterpieces. So you will have new wooden furniture that is durable and also classy ‘antique’ based on the designs. 

If you are currently trying to find this professional craftsman then you can contact us. We always prioritize totality in workmanship which has support from quality teak wood.