7 Lists of The Most Popular Indonesian Product


Indonesia is a country that has a lot of unique and interesting products. Some products in this country are even difficult to obtain in other countries. Therefore, it is not surprising that many foreign people are interested in getting the original unique product from Indonesia. Nevertheless, among the many products, there are several lists of […]

What is Teak Wood for Furniture

What is Teak Wood for Furniture

One of the most often utilized materials is wood, which is also used to make furniture. Wood is a material that you must consider carefully while building a house or selecting furniture. The comfort of the home’s residents will frequently suffer if the wrong wood is chosen. The same way for selecting teak wood material […]

Custom Reproduction Furniture

Indonesia Furniture also serves reproduction orders of various models and styles according to custom orders. Reproduction furniture is made from various types of wood, from teak, mahogany, oak and many other choices. Our company already has the experience to produce these orders, even for wholesale orders, in large quantities and exported abroad. Apart from producing […]

Javanese Furniture

Javanese Furniture, the best collection from Indonesia Furniture for interior, exterior, antique style design, made of high quality teak wood. The masterpieces created by Jepara artists, skills passed down from generation to time, depict the distinctive features of Javanese culture, Indonesia can now be enjoyed internationally. Javanese Furniture can feel ethnic nuances, because they always […]

Jepara Carved Teak Armoire Furniture

Armoire Furniture is one of the storage requirements in your home, in various rooms, be it living room, dining room, bedroom or other room. Teak armoire furniture is one of the best choices to fill every room, including to take advantage of it. One of the characteristics of Indonesia Furniture in producing teak armoire furniture […]

Teak Porch Furniture

Teak porch furniture provides a relief space on the outside of your house that is still a unity in its architecture. Its ability to provide exclusive space, one of the best places to relax, accompanied by a gentle breeze, makes relaxing events even more enjoyable. Various ideas can be poured here according to the wishes […]

Pool Furniture Supply

We provide a pool furniture supply of various types of wood in Indonesia Furniture, in order to display a cool and pleasant feel when outdoors. A fun relaxing and gathering area for all family members, a place where colleagues gather to joke and relax. Some of the furniture is suitable to be placed around the […]

Choose One of the Best Suppliers for Your Hotel Furniture Projects

Do you have a hotel interior design project to work on? You need high quality furniture to support your work, then. Choose the right supplier of hotel furniture like the following. Who is not mesmerized when stepping into a 5-star hotel room? You will certainly be impressed and feel very comfortable to have a rest […]