Teak bedside drawers as a complement to bedroom furniture is placed on the right and left side of the bed. The table is small but has many multi-functions, including storage drawers to make things even more practical. Cabinets or drawers or other models exist on this bedside teak, so you can store trinkets for electronic equipment, cellphones, important bags, or even store clothes or pants in a certain amount. Sharing models can be chosen according to their respective uses and functions. Teak bedside drawers come in a variety of choices, ranging from vintage shapes to modern, contemporary choices and appreciate color choices. Teak bedside drawers can be used for a variety of purposes including those for homes, hotel projects, villas or apartments.

The use of teak wood raw materials in the manufacture of bedside drawers is very appropriate, because this wood is suitable and sturdy for long-term use. Teak can also be formed flexibly to produce attractive models and designs as desired. Can be carved into a high work of art, thus making the interior feel more luxurious overall, making the room more comfortable with its functions and uses. Teak Bedside Drawers Usually also beautified with frames for practical reading lamp placement. There is also a floating model so that placement in a room can be more effective and efficient, in addition to beautifying the overall decoration of the room.

Teak bedside drawers original products from Indonesia Special furniture made from Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Made of solid teak wood, making it more sturdy, more durable and functional. Orders can be made directly to the existing address or can also contact through Indonesia Furniture online that is available with satisfactory service and competitive prices, especially if the purchase is in the form of wholesale orders. You can always check and direct monitors to the site, and we will always update the orders from beginning until finishing.

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