Teak Bedroom Furniture from Indonesia is well-known for its solid materials, for its diverse models and styles, vintage models with lots of distinctive carvings to minimalist modern-style beds. Teak wood is indeed very well known for its quality as the number one raw material for furniture, has many advantages, plus its appearance is also very beautiful, giving the impression of elegance and luxury. You can find a collection of teak bedroom furniture in the most representative places, namely in Indonesia Furniture Store, can be contacted online or can be directly to the location, in the city of Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia, which is the center of the furniture industry that has existed for decades that then.

Teak bedroom furniture sets with other equipment besides sleeping areas, such as wardrobe, or other shelves and drawers for storage. There is also a creative innovation in bed modification, by adding storage shelves at the bottom of the bed, giving rise to a practical impression, and storing some space, so the room can be more spacious and comfortable, not seeming cramped. Contemporary teak bedroom furniture now also has a choice of colors with paint on the wood, giving rise to a refreshing look, and making the room more cheerful.

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Decorate a bedroom using teak furniture, making the most optimal and classy choices, bringing out the sides of luxury in style, making the bedroom more exclusive. If you want the appearance of teak wood with the original color, namely golden brown, then you can choose teak finishing without paint, so that the original appearance of teak wood along with vintage and dark wood grooves can be performed optimally. Indonesian teak bedroom furniture provides the latest collection of all furniture needs for your bedroom according to taste. The most innovative creation ideas and always keep up with the times, modern and up to date, with quality that is maintained.


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