Some might think that the presence a bathroom vanity is unnecessary. Is it that true? We disagree with the statement. Teak Bathroom Furniture can be the center stage of your space even your bathroom is relatively small. As long as you correctly choose the model, you will always find it awesome. Here, we present you an array of highly recommended teak bathroom vanity designs.

Amsterdam Teak Bathroom Vanities Collection

What makes Amsterdam teak bathroom vanities look stunning is the classical detail in them. The style of this sort allows you to feel the rustic, farmhouse sensation. The earthy feeling strongly shoots out from a single element of it. That’s because of the bathroom vanities’ brown shade.

Why the Amsterdam teak bathroom vanities look smooth and graceful is on account of a fine sanded natural process. In one set, this model consists of three parts, i.e. Amsterdam cabinet, Amsterdam mirror, and not to mention the Amsterdam vanity. Pick out the best position to make the vanities stand out.

amsterdam teak bathroom

Brisbane Teak Bathroom Vanities Collection

The rustic feeling also is highly sensed with Brisbane teak bathroom vanities. You will always find them charming since they come with details that look gorgeous. Not only are the bathroom vanities superior in terms of appearance but they have an assortment of functions.

This sort is suitable with a large bathroom as this collection has plenty of parts. Some of the highlights include Brisbane cabinet, Brisbane mirror, as well as Brisbane vanity. The cabinet itself has a drawer box located at the bottom and three-level shelves on top. The rectangular mirror is within a frame made of best-quality teak wood.

brisbane teak bathroom

Erangel Teak Bathroom Vanities Collection

At a glance, Erangel teak bathroom vanities are quite similar to Brisbane version. The difference is basically on the vanity itself. Unlike Brisbane vanity where the teak planks are arranged vertically, the Erangel one is set in a horizontal way. The second difference is the type of boxes. Erangel vanity is comprised of multiple drawer boxes.

In addition to the features of the vanity, Erangel is equipped with Erangel cabinet and Granada teak towel, and for sure, the Erangel mirror. The rustic feeling is the focal point you can enjoy while in the bathroom.


Kairo Teak Bathroom Vanities Collection

Arguably, Kairo teak bathroom vanity is one the one of a kind sorts you might go for a pick. What makes this bathroom vanity that special is its towering appearance, great for a place way bigger. Although it’s a bit casual, the vanity is able to present incredible opulence. It literally makes your bathroom more sensational.

There are three elements that this bathroom vanity has to offer. They include Kairo cabinet, Kairo mirror, as well as Kairo vanity. The finishing is super smooth making the pieces become the center of attention. Once placing them in your bathroom, a brand-new atmosphere is eventually made.

In simple terms, those recommended teak bathroom vanity designs gorgeously complement your bathroom. The details make a high statement.  Go get your own favorite.

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